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Anyone heard of or used HyperJar?

The feature of locking funds to a particular retailer to get offers or rewards is interesting.

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Yep I use it for my pot spending it’s good as you earn 4.8% from the merchant jars :smiley: the card automatically knows what jars your using to I thought was quite genius, say your in Lidl and you’ve got a Lidl pot it will automatically pay from that :sunglasses:


They collect a lot of personal data:

"We may collect, use, store and transfer different kinds of personal data about you which we have grouped together follows:

  • Identity Data : includes first name, last name, username or similar identifier, marital status, title, date of birth, photo ID, video selfie, mobile number and gender.
  • Contact Data : includes home address, delivery address and email address.
  • Financial Data : includes bank account and payment card details and your HyperJar electronic money account and HyperJar card details."

Is it really worth the trade off of all that for 4.8% ??

Genuine question because I do not know which partners they affiliate with, so don’t know if they are any I use. I assume it is not just any merchant, e.g. I shop at Aldi. Are they included?

UPDATE: Found the merchants link

Would be useful for me at ATG tickets only, unless I switch from Aldi to Lidl, else not for me sadly.

Appears it is like a prepaid card so funds not protected, though . . . .

Secure deposits

We work with e-money specialists PFS (Prepaid Financial Services Ltd) to protect and manage your money. It’s deposited in segregated accounts with major UK retail banks.

May be useful for some :thinking:


Seems quite a small number of affiliated merchants. I expect that number will increase but for now only Lidl would be of any use to me and that fairly infrequently. R-

Nope Aldi not on there at least not yet anyway lol… Yes tbh only I use the Lidl one currently and I don’t go there lots really so it’s just money that’s there when I need it for them. It will be good to see what other companies they bring on board I’m hoping for things like Argos and maybe things for bigger purchases like cheeky deals away etc so I’ll watch this space :eyes:


I understand what you mean, but to be fair, Monzo has all that and gives you 0%.


Here’s what the card looks like if you was wondering too, please ignore my Cookie Monster PJs lazy day today :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Looks nice,

So does the card :slight_smile:


Also remember, you cannot get a refund or withdraw on dedicated retailer jars. They are pretty much gift cards with interest.


Ahh I was wondering what the catch was!!

Yep your right there actually, I’ve only got a
Small amount on it so will have to spend it because it’s locked in :grimacing:

I have not heard of HyperJar but it does sound interesting; however their Privacy Policy is rather worrying! :see_no_evil:

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I have a Shell and Lidl right by me. Considering going for this

Anyone got any other feedback before I bother?

Interesting concept, but unfortunately no merchants near me so not worth the trouble.

Maybe once they have more retailers onboard, it could be a viable proposition.

Has anyone used this yet? Offer 4.8% on deposits with retailers, (such as Lidl and Shell which I have close to my flat) , but they can’t be redeemed as cash. Useful if you shop there anyway perhaps?

Also offers joint jars you can spend out of with other/multiple account holders without having a joint account, perhaps a move forward from a shared tab?

It’s not FCSC protected though, anyone seen much about it?

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that’s a (common) misconception with FSCS, so long as they don’t lend your money (which they don’t seem to) and are in with FCA e-money regulations then your money is most likely protected.

Just read this on their site:

How is the money that I put in Jars protected?

We are not a bank, and don’t take risks with your money by lending it out or re-investing it. That’s why your account doesn’t need to be underwritten by FSCS. Instead, we keep your funds in segregated accounts governed by the e-money regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority. That’s the same system used, for example, by the PayPal wallet, Transferwise, and Revolut. In the exceptional event of any default on our part (or any of our merchants), 100% of the money you have paid in would be returned to you directly from these accounts.

I’ve not got an account yet but been following since seeing this post and just joined some waiting list they have as it has a some decent giveaways…

Kids cards now live In-App, with priority to those who pre-ordered.

Just signed up and ordered my card (new design looks really nice imo)


I had a query for customer support and so I started a live chat and was connected in no more than 5 seconds - very impressive! I was waiting over an hour last night for Starling…

I ended up having very little use for Hyperjar in the end but I will always swear by the customer service. It was great for me either via Email or WhatsApp. Could it be indicative of their size at the moment? Maybe

That’s what I was thinking. Although if companies just increased the size of their support team in proportion with the growth of their customer base, Monzo and Starling would still have market-leading customer support.

Case in point: First Direct, a real human answers your phone call in seconds (although the pandemic seems to have thrown a spanner in the works from what I’ve heard)

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