Use Pots to pay for transactions that aren’t bills

Hey everyone, I tried to see if this idea was already covered on the forum but I couldn’t find anything that was the same (please point me in the direction if it is and I’ll vote for it!):

Situation: My work travel costs vary considerably each month - anything from £0 (as it is right now) to c. £600 per month. At the moment the money comes out of my budget, but ideally I’d like to stash that money in a pot each month so that I can plan cashflow more effectively.

Idea: When I spend any money related to a certain category or vendor (in this case, Travel category, or Petrol/Rail vendors) it either automatically draws this money down from the ‘Commuting’ Pot - OR - in the transaction detail you can select “Pay this from a Pot”, you select the pot and it automatically withdraws the money from that pot.

Impact: For my scenario this would really help where I’m near to the end of the month with not much left in my budget but where I need to travel for work. Knowing that I have a nice chunk of money saved in a Pot from previous months where I had no travel would help account for the changeable expenses. (Dare I say it … “flatten the curve”)

Would an option not be to get a credit card (sorry!) and then link the payment (set it to pay off in full, obvs) to come out of the specific pot? Admittedly some circumstances you’re not going to want to (or be able to) use a credit card, and you won’t get the visibility that you’d get with Monzo, but this effectively keeps everything in one place.


You can do this on hyperjar already

Interesting - haven’t heard about Hyperjar until now and have just checked them out! Would hope that this comes to Monzo as well.

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You can kind of do some of the stuff with IFTTT but I suspect it would need a fair bit on tinkering with to catch all your use cases, admittedly not as good as having it done in app, but I can’t see Monzo at any point in the near future getting round to something like this

I do this with IFTTT for my food/fuel purchases. At the start of the month the money goes into a pot and any purchases made at Tesco/Sainsburys etc come from that pot.

The only issue is that it comes from the pot afterwards. So you spend £50.25 then that amount comes from your current account and then it’s replenished from the pot. So your last point would cause an issue because you’d need enough in your account to cover it to start with.

I really don’t understand why you can do this in IFTTT but it is so difficult for Monzo to add this feature in? :thinking: it is a feature a lot of users would like to have and might even give them an advantage over the competition.

Why the cold :cold_face: shoulder Monzo? In the begging it was “dear community we are listening to what you need and want to build this bank together”… now it is more like “dear community if you need anything use a 3-rd party service, we are focusing on something else”… what are they focusing on? The US? How about throwing in a :bone: for your U.K. customers?

Because you’d have to build a completely new set of systems to manage it. It can’t be part of the existing standing orders/direct debits from pots function, because it’s a different concept (you have to define a list of retailers or allow users to define/select, which adds complexity). It also always has to happen AFTER the transaction, unless they invest a lot of time into squeezing it into the tiny amount of time they have to do such things in the authorisation flow (as has been discussed to death elsewhere).

It’s a lot of effort to essentially replicate something that people can use now, and means they take their efforts away from something else. All to appease a minority who demand it be part of the app.

Not sure I fully agree. It should not be that difficult to implement. It can be as simple as implementing a check if function => is this transaction (that is now coming into the account) from a marked Subscription (Repeating Payment). So if yes then take money from Pot or if no the take money from current account.

It does take some computing power from the server but I would venture to say it might even be possible to do this check on the client smartphone side. But if computing power is the issue they can limit the functionality to only have 10 Subscriptions per Pot or something :thinking:

It’s a lot lot more complex than that. Have a search, it’s been covered a lot, but adding to the auth flow is bad.

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I know it has been covered a lot. But it has always been presented as this mystical thing that cannot be achieved (built) and I am sorry but I am not convinced this is that hard to implement.

If you can program a car to drive itself you can program an app to better filter a list of items and put them into different pots/categories.

A Pot can and should be just a Special category. That way you can scale up the same functionality and not build two completely separate pipelines.

Okay, you know best.

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