The ability to freeze virtual cards

Imagine if you could freeze a virtual card when not in use for that extra security and when you plan using it simply unfreeze it.
This will save people from having to create and remove multiple times

Either freeze or set a limit by transactions/amount.

This has to be a change that’s coming to Plus, along with assigning them a pot.


I agree 100%

This is why I got a HyperJar card.

Use it exactly like that. And for free :grin:

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I agree, I’m using a virtual card but it feels mostly redundant at the moment. I’d like to be able to create an “untrusted” card that I can freeze whenever I’m not expecting a transaction, or better yet force explicit authorisation for every payment made from that card. Limits on cards, as others have suggested, would also be a great addition.

I’m not sure how you could ever get all merchants to seek authorisation when a specific card is used. It just goes against what I understand to be the normal flow of banking data.

It’s an interesting idea but I wouldn’t think the banks would be in favour either - the customer (you/me) forcing them to assume liability for fraud from the merchant.

I agree that would be nice.

But if you’re allowed 100 cards a year, that’s a card for every 3 (and a bit) days. So in theory you should be fine to just delete them each time.

I think also from a Rika comment before the Merchant needs to be the one set up for & asking for 3DS, can’t be forced from the banks side I understand.

I would otherwise like more Stuff with Virtual Cards though

And interesting this Hyper Jar thing.

Sounds like a combo of what people want with “Virtual Cards from a specific Pot” + Curve.

Plus my own desire for envelope budgeting.

Will take a look

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It has its limitations imo.

Read the small print.

I have one purely for a specific reason, not necessarily for the jars.