Fintech free current account provider list in 2021

I have the list of free current account/debit card challenger bank provider thingies down to 6 now. Is that right? Have I missed any?


I’d classify Monzo and Starling in a different league to those others, being as they’re actually authorised banks.

And you missed, at least

  • Wise
  • Currensea
  • Kroo
  • HyperJar
  • Sync
  • Zen
  • Ziglu
  • Curve

Then there is, for business

  • Anna
  • Tide
  • Square
  • PayPal
  • Mettle
  • Kinetic

Viola Black too:


Gosh yes that is a lot.
I’ll take a look at those. Thank you.

For certain definitions of “free.”

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Yeah, it may cost you £2.99 for a physical card if you want one but the current account with Viola Black base is free.

They have an interesting list of other fees.

I’ve mentioned Viola Black 3 times now in this thread, and I really have no interest in it, so I’ll not be mentioning V____ _____ again.


HyperJar looks interesting with the ability to share jars/pots between different HyperJar account holders. And you commit money to a merchant to increase its value?
Ziglu hold your GBP and Crypto, where you in fact lend crypto to them. Love the card colour, but crypto isn’t for me.
Kroo say they want a banking license. No USP that I can see, but a roadmap
Curve don’t let you deposit money? Perhaps I missed something there.
Sync doesn’t appeal to me at all, i couldn’t see past the naf scrolling template website.
Doesn’t look like Zen is free

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Viola Black confuses me

the everyday current account for everyday people

That doesn’t make me feel very special
But then

to serve the discerning customer

Hyperjar let you spend out of pots (jars) as well.

If they allowed direct debits I’d consider reopening an account with them, the service is fab

I used to use merchant jars a bit when I lived near a Lidl and Shell. A bit like a gift card that accrues interest. Lidl are not on there now though


An organisation which offers “piece of mind” on their website gives me no peace of mind.