Investor pot

so i came across the post saying I can do the change jar option i got to thinking.
what about an invest jar option where you can optionally put some money in automatically on pay day ( say for example £20 every time you get paid)

the money in this account is then spread out similar to how a fund is between the stock market and bonds etc

of course this jar is also optional so those who do make it know that invested money can go up or down however it will have a failsafe ammount which you can set

that way not only is your money in various baskets instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket but even if everything goes wrong once you hit the failsafe ammount your pot wont be used anymore unless you consent

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This is something that I think is already being planned with their marketplace. You will be able to use services like nutmeg and moneyfarm to invest from pots. :blush:

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The possibility’s and opportunities of this is frightening …

You mean…

The possibility’s and opportunities of this is exciting