How many bank cards do you have?


My local B&Q which was only built 3 years ago only has chip and pin too… It’s as if they are deliberatly wanting queues at the checkouts

(David Roberts) #43
  • Club Lloyds - Main account for Salary and most direct debits
  • Monzo - Spending and 1 direct debit
  • Halifax Reward - 2 direct debits

(Jorge) #44

I currently have:

Monzo - as main (salary and regular use)
Barclays - mostly for cash deposits
Barclaycard - large purchases/protection
Santander - Spanish EUR account

(brandon skerritt) #45

I had 7! (Closed 3 of them today):

  • Monzo
    My main!
  • Starling
    Checking out the competition. Opened it so I can have a “spare” If theres any current account switch rewards
  • Revolut
    The inter-bank exchange is really good, so I plan on actually using this one! I also get my Paypal into this account. Paypal charges money to convert currencies whereas in Revolut it’s just inter-bank exchange. The crypto seems like a scam on this platform, so I use other services.
  • Barclays
    Legacy bank from 5 years ago. Shut down savings account today. Shut down current account not too long ago.
  • Nationwide
    Shut down savings & current today. They were amazed at Monzo in the store I went to!
  • Natwest savings account
    I have a savings account with Natwest atm

Currently being opened:

  • Natwest student current account (I needed it for the student credit card)
  • Natwest student credit card
    I have no way to build credit other than with this (as far as I’m aware). I switched from natwest to monzo using the current account switch service. Hope they don’t mind me coming back :sweat:

(Lewis King) #46

Monzo for my main account
An unused nationwide joint account

An American Express BA premium plus
An American Express Gold Charge Card
A supplementary card on my partner’s BA premium plus
A Tesco clubcard credit card


(Simmy) #47

Customised Barclays Debit ( paying in money & backup account )
Natwest Savings Card ( Backup account )
Monzo Debit ( used for everything )

(Liam) #48

Monzo × 1 :grimacing:


Sound of forklift truck reversing as customer attempts to pick up their wallet


In case anyone hasn’t, I’d recommend tapping on the photo for the full experience!

What’s Fire like, btw? I had a look at their website a while back and was left a bit underwhelmed…


I actually have a couple of other cards too! Some are accounts I use but others are where I am testing apps or cards/chips for companies.

Fire has an app that looks very boring and corporate. It has no USP over and above other available alternatives like the excellent Monese. However, until companies like Monzo have Euro accounts and IBAN it is an option for some people. Long term I am not sure of it’s prospects, so it is not one I would invest in. They are not transparent about plans or performance.

The other issue for Brits at least (maybe not so for those coming from other countries with different traditions on bank charging) is the per transaction charging where they levy 20p for some transactions may be off-putting to some. However it is an alternative to charging a monthly fee. Both have their pros and cons.

(Ben Talbot) #52

My wallet used to be like that but I replaced all of my MCs apart from Monzo (for the Hot Coral) with a Curve. Sooo much nicer in my pocket now


Yes I love my Curve and usually take that in a mini wallet.

Though I do have a normal wallet for use in UK and a normal wallet for use in other countries, both with a different combination of cards in.

(Ben Talbot) #54

Now to wait until Amex is added. How do they plan on funding that?! I’d love them to be able to, though

(Andre Borie) #55

If we’re talking about Curve they actually used to have Amex support and removed it due to huge losses (the Amex interchange is much higher than the MasterCard one, causing them to loose out on every transaction).

Not sure they will add it back unless they introduce a fee.

(Ben Talbot) #56

Sure, I thought I’d see what’d happen if I tried to add my Amex and it said “Sorry, we don’t support them right now, we’re trying to soon” or something of the same nature. I wonder if they will have a fee or they’ll negotiate something with Amex themselves…

(Dan) #57

I am trying my best to cut back but failing…

In terms of “FinTech” - I have 5.

Curve (don’t really use)
Coconut (business)

Nationwide (Savings 5%)
Lloyds (don’t use, old bank)
Tesco Credit Card
Virgin Credit Card (don’t use)

(side note… go away on holiday for a week and loose my Regular member status :pensive:)

(Ben Talbot) #58

I have nightmares about this


Can’t you change it in settings?

(Liam) #60

It should return reasonably soon! Being a regular means you have met a selection of criteria in the last 100 days, if you fancy gaming the system. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dan) #61

Nope :pensive:

It best do :stuck_out_tongue: