Is Monzo your only account

I’m just wondering if Monzo is your only account?

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I expect for 99% of people in here it won’t be. Many will have accounts with starling, many will have a bank with a branch

Now for how many is Monzo thier main account is maybe more interesting


I have:

  • Monzo as main account
  • Recently opened Starling for cheque imaging
  • Credit Card with Natwest & MBNA





I went through a phase of testing out lots of fintech current accounts when they came about, so technically have a few open.

But Monzo is the main/only account I use for personal spending.


Monzo is my main account. I have a First Direct account that is empty but could be used as a back up in case of an outage or any problem with my main account and is good for my credit score (I’ve had it a long time) and an account that is used purely for switching bribes :joy::see_no_evil:

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Main account: Monzo
Business Account [New!]: Monzo
Credit Card: Nationwide

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I would also recommend everyone have at least two current accounts, whether they bank with Monzo or a legacy bank just in case.


I have a few accounts:-

  • Monzo - Main Bank Account with fixed savings pots

  • Starling - Backup account with interest on unfixed spaces, cheque imaging and paying in via PO

  • First Direct - Legacy high street bank with a credit card attached

  • Marcus - Higher rate savings

Monzo is deffo my main account for both business and personal banking, I do have many other accounts but they are all running dry as I continue to embrace the Monzo way.


This. :point_up:

I have a TSB account that I keep money I don’t need for the week in to accrue some soon to be lower interest. I’d prefer to separate the money in Monzo but TSB CP is still 0.35% higher than the Paragon pot and I can move it over by FP any time not next day. It also shows on Experian and Equifax which Monzo doesn’t at present.

It means I can pay in at the PO and Branch as well I guess, no cheque imaging but couldn’t imagine using that more than once a decade.

Amex Rewards is my other payment method.

For current accounts, yes! I’ve got a personal and joint account. I’ve got some other accounts (like a LISA, for example) with other banks though :+1:

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Yes ! :+1:

No, I use Monzo as a spending account.

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Welcome to the community @TommyD!


Thanks :slight_smile:

This is a bit like the discussion of “Full Monzo”

Basically yes

All my payments and direct debits, except two, come out from Monzo. All my payments and salary come into Monzo

I make a standing order back to my venerable High Street account every month to cover the two direct debits for my mortgage and protection cover with them

I had dalliances with others including Starling and N26, but I now only keep around Revolut so that I can top up the National Lottery site on occasions and Dozens because it may turn into more with time

I wish :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Being a bit of a FinTech nerd, I currently have 23 assorted accounts, in various stages of testing.
Plus 2 legacy accounts (Nationwide)
And 3 credit cards (2 of which are unused)

As I test out the features of each account, they are kept or disposed of depending on their usefulness.
A bit extreme I know, but keeps me out of trouble. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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