How many current accounts do you have?

Natwest (main account)
Monzo - for overseas spending, aliexpress orders in USD (better exchange rate by doing this) and my weekly work canteen budget
Starling - Instant access savings account as it pays a small amount of interest (I tend to pay for big expenses using the money from this account such as car services or a holiday I have saved up for) No 24 hour delay on withdrawals unlike monzo savings pots

Just Monzo

Monzo main account

First direct as a back up account
First Direct Gold Credit Card

Barclays Business Current Account
Barclays Business Credit Card

4 current accounts, 2 savings, 1 euro

Just Monzo and Starling current accounts.

Savings are over a few accounts, none of them Monzo though.

Monzo personal and joint accounts after going full Monzo but reopened a Nationwide flex account after poor customer service issues and delays in paying in cheques. I am getting increasingly nervous that Monzo is having growth and profitability issues - a real shame as the app is generally excellent but when you have a problem the chat function isn’t what it needs to be - hopefully sorted soon!

Monzo for main banking.
Starling for when I travel and exceed my Monzo fee free withdrawals.
First Direct for 5% regular saver which I will be closing when my regular saver expires.

If only Monzo provided unlimited fee free travel then I’d have 1 account only.

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Monzo for monthly spend
Starling for travel and free post office cash deposits.

Legacy account for salary and DDs, and collecting switch bribes

Today I swapped to Lloyds Club for the free £125. Paid before it even switches, no need for going in branch so took less than a minute to submit the form. I’ll switch away at the next decent bribe, unfortunately I’ve already nabbed £150 off HSBC last year so can’t grab the current £175.

Previously with NatWest Reward.

Ulster bank are doing £150 switching bribe

Unfortunately I think as it’s NatWest owned I won’t get it due to getting £150 switch to NatWest Rewards at the end of last year. I’ll check the terms, but thanks for the heads up.

Edit: must not have had an RBS/NatWest since Oct 2017

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Just checked and no, you wouldn’t be eligible :cry:

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Why wouldn’t you use a Marcus account linked to your Monzo account? Higher interest and instant withdrawal.


HSBC - Wages go here
HSBC Savings
Monzo as my daily driver

I want the ability for instant access in the form of a debit card so I can pay my holiday or other big purchases direct from it. It’s a account that I use as a buffer or to save up for big purchases.
My main savings are in a coventry building soceity account.

Aha, that’s the key bit!

It’s Ulster bank though…

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Yep but you don’t actually have to use it, just transfer money in and out for a couple of months

But yeah, Ulster bank :joy:

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All in on Monzo :sunglasses:


Monzo, boringly used HSBC, somewhat used Revolut, unused N26 and not often used Dozens. Did have a Starling as well, but started to rein things back in after my fintech splurge. I will likely be working my way back to just Monzo, HSBC and Revolut

Monzo primary account
Natwest - backup account and to receive money from overseas ( Malaysia)

Barclays and Amex credit card
Jaja and Tandem - fintech credit card