Do You Have More Than One Bank Account?

Do you guys have more than just a Monzo account ?

Yes - Monzo as my main then in no particular order, Starling, HSBC, First Direct, Natwest, Barclays, Nationwide.


Full Monzo on my side. I used to have Starling and Nationwide before that, but both of those are a thing of the past now.


Just counting current accounts I have 5 … Why do you ask?

4 current accounts in total (including Monzo)

I have quite a few current accounts but only really use monzo and starling for spending - the remainder are for interest benefits or other things. I keep one around just for cheque imaging

I also use a nationwide credit card for most spending whilst it’s at 0% and put money matching this into ratesetter on the rolling market

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I have - Starling, Nationwide, Natwest, Lloyds & a TSB.
All used for different reasons.

I have ditched all my legacy bank account and just use Monzo as my main CA, I also use Starling for bill payments that go out much later in my pay month.

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Monzo – for spending
Starling – for overseas ATM withdrawals
Nationwide – to service mortgage
Barclays – for rewards, and upcoming remortgage
NatWest – for rewards
First Direct – to service personal loan
Lloyds – to service balance transfer credit card
TSB – a vestige of when LloydsTSB split, with my credit card going to Lloyds and my current account going to TSB, which was utterly ludicrous


Monzo - main current account.
Starling - Overseas holiday funds.

yeah, three current accounts and one credit card. Going to reduce it to one current account and one credit card in the near future. Currently have Monzo, Starling, Nationwide and Barclaycard

That’s a lot of accounts!

Quick question if I might: do you need to keep the Nationwide, Lloyds and First Direct accounts open to service their other products, or is it a choice on your part? (No judgement either way, just curious).


I have made the decision to keep them open.

Nationwide has had my main account for 20 or so years (after my previous student bank TSB merged with Lloyds at the end of the nineties) and they tick a lot of ethical boxes for me, so I’ll be back to them if Monzo doesn’t work out. To answer your question, I didn’t need to keep my current account open in order to service the mortgage but haven’t gone #FullMonzo (and don’t intend to yet, as I still feel more comfortable with an ‘envelope’ system, until Monzo get their spending/budgeting/predictive features sorted).

I’d also get a FlexPlus account without any hesitation if I ever needed to get another joint account as I think it’s superb value for money, and don’t believe it could be bettered by the Monzo Marketplace.

Lloyds I also don’t have to keep open just to service the credit card, but don’t see the point in closing the account if I’m still using the app to log in for the credit card.

First Direct has as a condition that loan customers must have a current account. My relationship with FD goes back to my first joint account in 2006.

As I said, I find it easier to use the envelope system to budget, so my salary is paid into Barclays from where standing orders send it to my respective accounts in order that they can pay out direct debits. Monzo (sometimes Starling) gets my spending money.

The only account that is really defunct is TSB, but they scored pretty highly ethically too, at least until the recent fiasco.


Just Monzo and Santander for my student overdraft. I recently closed my Starling and Lloyds account to simplify things.


I have a Santander Pass Book account. Opened it when it was abbey national and I’ve refused all attempts to upgrade. Only use it for bagged up change and (before Monzo) cheques. It’s retro :grin:
Current account with Barclays


I am all in with Monzo now, having recently closed Starling, Handelsbanken and TSB accounts. Still have a Nationwide joint account, which is a bundled account with a few extras we like.

Most of my day-to-day spending goes through credit cards for points and cashback though.



Monzo - Travel only atm but I’m trying it out gradually before I go full Monzo. But I receive salary here now and transfer it out.

HSBC - Day to day transactions and priority DD’s.

Club Lloyd’s Premium - Non priority payments and for the rewards. Travel insurance and Mobile phone cover is a plus!

Nationwide Flexplus - can’t be bothered to close it but I should because it costs £15 p/m!

I have my RBS account open, as I didn’t see any point in closing it. I’d manually moved all my DDs and SOs over when I got my current account last year. I used to use it to quickly transfer money to if I wanted to use Apple Pay on a website, it was usually quicker to do that in Monzo with one click than to have to fill in my billing address & card details, but now I don’t need to do that. So I have another account, but it is dormant.

I have ( in no particular order ) RBS x1, TSB x2, Barclays x2, Halifax, Lloyds, Starling, Tesco and Monese.

As I’ve said in a previous post I do plan on making Monzo my main account or at least use it more often. Halifax, Lloyds and TSB have the required amount paid in and Dad’s to get the monthly fee back or cashback.

I can see myself closing the Barclays accounts since there’s not benefit from them. I like to have more than 1 account as a backup eg like the TSB mess.

I like this way of thinking. Hopefully the “Spending” Tab and “Committed Spending” will mean you wont need Starling anymore.

The other option is to request those paymetns to be moved to the 1st of the month