How many bank cards do you have?

(Simon B) #1

With so many companies (fintech or otherwise) with debit cards out there these days, I’m wondering who has the most different ones?

How many do you have?


I opened a starling account today so I can use to CASS to RBS and get the £100 switch money. Apart from that I have :monzo: obv, curve, B and Revolut


In terms of “FinTech” - I have 5.

Transferwise (don’t really use)
Curve (don’t really use)

Edit - As for “Legacy” - I have:

First Direct
Nationwide (Joint)
Lloyds (don’t use)
Barclays (don’t use)

(Jonathon) #4

Monzo / Natwest / Nationwide / Halifax


I only have 2. Legacy, Monzo (Main Account). I don’t see the need for anymore than 2 really

(Jonathon) #6

Several banks require a current account for their savings accounts - so… that’s why.


That’s something I don’t understand, what’s the benefit of multiple savings accounts? Other than if you have a lot of money and have to split it all?

(Jonathon) #8

There’s that as a possibility.

For me:

Monzo = main account
Natwest = previous account but some DD won’t work with Monzo/need a backup still
Halifax = overdraft still so just in case
Nationwide = savings account

You could also have a savings account and a separate ISA which requires a current account (Barclays for example), or one bank you get a better mortgage rate with a current account, or a current account that has added benefits that make it better to have one.

Literally hosts of reasons to have several bank accounts.

(Tom Halloran) #9

Metro Bank


I used to have a lot of them; Monzo, Starling, Curve, TransferWise Borderless & Capital One.

Nowadays I try to cut down a little bit, closed my Starling account and might also shut down the Borderless one as I have yet to use it.

(Herp Derp) #11

Monzo - Everyday
Metrobank - To do stuff that Monzo can’t
Emirates NBD - to get paid in AED and not pay the tax man :wink:
Starling - Coz why not
Curve - sits in drawer no idea why I got it now only used it a few times.

(James Mold) #12

I have:
Monzo - everyday bank card
Curve Card (Pro) - carried as a spare aggregator card
Wirex Visa Debit card - for Cryptocurrency (mainly Lite Coin)
Nationwide Savings Card - for ATM and branch use only.

Newday (Marbles) Credit Card - online purchases card
Capital One Credit Card - every day shopping card

Did have a Lloyds card until recently when I closed the account to go full Monzo instead.


Only 10.

( #14

How did i know you’d be in double figures?! :joy::joy::joy:


UK and foreign, fintechs and legacy.

(Elliot ) #16

Whats your quick pros/cons of them all?

I had monzo and starling but monzo ended winning me over with IFTTT integration, closed the starling and went for the full switch. I then use my curve card to keep my credit cards on (random low purchases each month to just keep them active).


I’ve used Revolut a few times for cheap Euro to Euro transfers.

I actually use AMEX for daily spending, so I really only use a current account to manage payees and send bank transfers etc.

Looking forward to seeing how Monzo develop this side of things (its on their short term road map!)

(Jack) #18


  • Tesco Current Account * 2 (savings)
  • Lloyds Classic (originally my main account until I swapped to Monzo, I keep this purely for cash deposits and a backup)
  • Amex Everyday Cashback (larger purchases / cashback)
  • Nationwide Flex (savings)
  • Monzo :mondo: (main current account / daily spending)

I’ll close the Tesco and Nationwide current accounts when there are some decent interest accounts in the market. But the % was good on those cards.

  • Monzo (Everyday Spending, I give myself a weekly spending allowance. I can’t switch fully to Monzo yet as it isn’t automated enough the way I use Childs to transfer my money about.)
  • Curve (Use for spending on my credit card (below £100) then time shifting to ‘pay it off’ so to speak)
  • Child & Co. Current Account, an RBS private brand. (My salary and billing account. Everything is automated so I don’t usually ever log into this account or worry about my bills - as long as I have money coming in!).
  • First Direct Current Account (Formally my main account).
  • The Cooperative Bank Basic Account (Newest account, wanted to see it I could open a basic account as most banks don’t allow it - it worked. Planning to use it as my post office cash deposits for free)
  • Smile Credit Card (Legacy from when I banked with Smile for many years. Has a high limit because the Coop threw money at me in the days before they went bankrupt).
  • nuba Credit Card (the card I currently snooze with).
  • Revolut (for a cheaper Euro transferring need, as well as starting to Crypto loose change).
  • TransferWise card (never used it and probably won’t.)
  • Monese GBP Account (to pay my taxi bill.).
  • KBC Ireland Basic Euro Account (my legacy Euro account, ready for any Brexit issues.)
  • bunq Current Account (my latest fintech full Euro account and the bank Monzo could learn a lot from layout)

I recently closed through transfering into Monzo

  • Halifax EasyCash account (My original childhood account sniff).
  • Halifax Current Account (My upgraded newly adult account).
  • B Account (the free £250 account, I kinda liked it but Monzo gained Apple Pay).

(Harry) #20

In the UK I currently have the below, I’m pretty sure I’ve had a bank account with every legacy bank in the last 5 years.

  • Monzo
  • Revolut (never use)
  • TransferWise (never use)
  • Curve (never use)
  • Lloyds Amex and MasterCard (for the same credit card account)
  • Nuba (MBNA) Credit Card don’t use now but has a high credit limit so keep for emergencies)

Over in Australia I’ve got:

  • CommBank debit
  • ANZ debit
  • ANZ joint account debit
  • ING debit

Can you tell I like trying out all the different offerings? :rofl:

For anyone’s that’s interested I think ING is best in Australia (they have IFTTT, round up and a 2.8% savings account)