How many bank accounts do you use?

I have my Monzo current account for everything including my PIP and also bank with Nationwide which has an emergency current account and a Instant ISA.

I am hoping to start work in a few months and the work pay can go to Nationwide to pay off any essential bills and the Monzo current account for just everyday, within reason use.

Then every bill can be switched over to Nationwide, which won’t take long as not many payments need to be switched anyway.

Be nice to have a full on spend what you want account and an account for Bills and absolute essentials.

Let’s get the chat rolling! :slightly_smiling_face:


Starling Joint - Main account, both our wages go in here and all direct debits come out. Joint spends for example food shopping etc.
Monzo - Personal spends + easy access savings + Flex.


Oh yes Flex! Unfortunately I am not eligible right now as I am not in paid work but can start that when I then get paid work.

Plus it can help with my Pre 9.30 transportation, so an everyday spending account also helpful for travelling.

Nationwide for SIM only bill, phone insurance and my OneFamily ISA direct debits.

Apart from the fact I have dozens of accounts for the bank card collection, I only use one bank – Starling – for everything. Bills get split off into the respective Spaces (pots) and spending money sits in the main balance; the added benefit over using Monzo for this kind of splitting is the Spaces offset any overdraft I might use.


That’s fair enough, I prefer to have 2 accounts in case one goes down, use the other as well. :wink:

I use a few including Chase (DDs, spending for anything under £100 that Amex isn’t accepted for); RBS for standing orders, Starling for household bills, Monzo for flex and bill splits.


I use Monzo for everyday banking but also have a Lloyds current account with a few DD. My savings split between Monzo EA pot and Lloyds savings account.

I also have a Lloyds credit card and Monzo Flex.


At the moment Nationwide are playing beermoney, £100 given out to members if they meet the criteria, me included.

Monzo is awesome as a general personal spending account, with Flex and the split bills feature.

Sadly I’m not eligible for Flex at the moment as I am not in paid work.

And when I do start that it’ll be paid into my Nationwide account.

Monzo - Personal and joint accounts. My main drivers.
NatWest - for paying in cheques and coins
Chase - Thought I’d use it for cashback but it’s mainly dormant.
Co-Op - Burner account (for future account bonus switching rather than anything more nefarious :rofl:)

Will probably close Co-Op and maybe Chase in the future.


Monzo for everything except savings (currently in Monzo but will likely move depending on rate jumps) and daily spending, which I’m currently doing in Algbra for the cashback. I do also scatter off small amounts of savings into various different places to hide them from myself


HSBC for everything.

First Direct and Algbra as backups


Main Bills - Starling Joint
Nationwide Flex for mobile insurance and breakdown cover
NatWest for rewards account
Lloyds for Club Account
Hailifax for reward account
Monzo for flex and savings
Algbra for day to day spending

I’ve a few other savings and other accounts


Sounds good :slightly_smiling_face:

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Monzo (Main)
First Direct
Chase (dormant)

I no longer bank with Barclays


We’ve had threads the same as this before.

In nutshell, I have lots and lots! :joy:


For me it’s

  • Chase (everyday spending for cash back, majority of savings)
  • Monzo (Flex, direct debits, salary paid into, minority of savings)
  • NatWest (current account for paying off phone, ISA and a regular savings account)
  • Santander (dormant account)

It’s interesting to see how everyone else uses different accounts!


I’m sure it was from the same person too :upside_down_face:

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HSBC current account - main account
(Monzo, Starling, Chase and RBS Child & Co dormant)

Amex for spending, HSBC credit card for GBP spending that doesn’t support Amex, Barclaycard Rewards for foreign currency spending

Chip for savings (but also have Atom, Marcus & Zopa in case any of them beat Chip interest rates)


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Starling as main account halifax as back up

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