How many bank cards do you have?

(Matthew Jones) #21

Banks/Building Society = Monzo and Nationwide

Credit Cards = John Lewis/Waitrose (for the points) and BA American Express (for the air miles)

  1. Monzo, Halifax current and Halifax credit.

(Ben) #24

Yikes. Let’s see…

Current Accounts:

  • Monzo - main one for spending though I have just switched
  • First Direct - my main legacy account, salary comes in here and direct debits go out.
  • 2nd First Direct - for where my work expenses gets paid (to isolate this from my budget…)
  • TSB - formerly for it’s interest but no longer used.
  • Transferwise - never used.
  • Starling - used but now stopped.
  • Revolut - used for a couple of trips abroad but didn’t get on with it.
  • Barclays Bpay - used to use it before mobile pay was common.
  • Curve (if it counts) - to try and consolidate some of the above. Probably won’t use…

Credit Cards:

  • AMEX Cashback - my main credit card.
  • First Direct - my main non-AMEX card.
  • 2nd First Direct - for work expenses (as above).
  • Virgin Money- carrying some debt.
  • Barclaycard - first credit card account I had, should probably close it.
  • TSB - for a balance transfer offer
  • Halifax - for a balance transfer offer.



Blimey! That is enough plastic to polute the Atlantic Ocean! :rofl:

(Ben) #26

I use re-usable tote bags for my shopping at least!

(Phil) #27

Tesco #1
Tesco #2
Amazon CC

Think that’s it.


not sure I want to tell the world which cards I have - feels like giving spear phishers too much info!

But I have 15 credit/charge cards and 16 debit/other cards.


All you peeps with more than 10 cards, do you carry all of them? :grin:

(Matt ) #30

Oh god no. Probably carry about 4

(Dawid) #31

At the moment three

Lloyds Debit
Lloyds Credit

I only keep Debit as I don’t feel comfortable with full switch to Mozno just yet but I don’t use it. Just keep my savings in LLoyds that give me few % a year.

Credit card is for emergencies, I had to use it maybe twice in the last 2 years


No, that is what Curve is for!

(Drew sanders) #33


(Drew sanders) #34

My wallet looks so much less bulky with the Curve card.

(Harry) #35

Who needs curve and/or a wallet with you’ve got Apple Pay? I’ve got 7 of my cards in there :upside_down_face:

(Drew sanders) #36

Not everywhere takes Apple Pay. My local ASDA & B&Q don’t, with the latter not even taking contactless.
I’d love to ditch the wallet but until the local pub accepts Apple Pay then it’s difficult.


4 Debit cards (Monzo and 3 traditional banks)
3 Credit cards (all traditional banks)
2 other (Curve, Revolut)

I only carry Monzo, a Visa credit card, and Curve

(Phil) #38

I use a Nomatic wallet.
Only carry 3. (not include Oyster, work fob pass etc). Those 3 could be one with Curve, but nice to have backups.

(Stephen) #39

I have 4…

1 x Monzo
1 x HSBC (My wages go in here, so I can take advantage of 5% interest savings)
1 x Santander (Joint Account with my wife)
1 x Revolut (for holiday spending)



9 are in my Apple wallet, a couple only used for traveling or business expenses, some pretty dormant, just opened for the kickback.

If curve had AMEX then I’d have them all on there.

(Mat Jarosz) #41
  • Amex Gold - for my spending
  • Monzo - main account for my salary
  • Starling - Switched from Halifax as they annoyed me. Free ATM withdrawals outside of the UK
  • Club Lloyds - Legacy account with free overdraft
  • Student Lloyds Account - Even more free overdraft
  • Tesco Credit Card - 0% spending got my MacBook on it
  • Barclaycard - Another card I use to spend outside of UK
  • Barclays Business - Use it for my little out of hours business
  • Millennium Bank Visa Debit - to receive money from my Polish relatives
  • Also have Curve, Tide and Transferwise but don’t use them so often

Also a Barclaycard Purchase card provided by my employer