How many bank cards do you have?

(William Brown) #62

I have

1 x monzo card - MasterCard debit
2 x virgin money - MasterCard debit
1 x curve card - MasterCard debit
1 x transferwise - MasterCard debit
1 x transferwise business - MasterCard debit due out December
1 x n21 - MasterCard debit just out in post

To me I use monzo first and transferwise to move to Irish/Euro currency based accounts and curve is to avoid fees like overseas fees many banks add and you get certain perks that don’t come with standard current account card n21 just now it’s what is it all about can it be something for me or is it waste of time just now it’s a sit there and await changes


4 x permanent tsb - visa debit
1 x AIB business account - visa debit
1 x AIB personal account - visa debit
1 x kbc bank Ireland - visa debit

Always have two main wallets for money one is UK and one is Ireland / eurozone area easier to manage that way

Probably use permanent tsb accounts a lot more now cause I use them with the curve card cause before it was €0.49 per card transaction minimum outside of Euro currency using banks issued card so now it’s €0.00 charge using curve card

(Scott) #63

I have a few more fintech then legacy though! :wink:

Nationwide (joint)


Thats a lot of cards! I only have 4 and I feel like im struggling to manage it all haha!

I’ve got a nationwide flexplus (Main current account)
a monzo card
a starling card
and a barclaycard credit card.

i’m going to cut this to only 2 cards in the near future… I haven’t decided what ones are getting cancelled yet

(William Brown) #65

Though curve is for bringing all in to one so doesn’t count as account and I work permanent tsb 4 as one as you get cashback up to €5 so you spend to make that then move card to next one and so on but only use one permanent tsb as main account and the aib business isn’t for personal use so isn’t actually counted so mainly it’s monzo and permanent tsb used the most personally

N21 was opened to see what they were on about etc don’t see use from it and transferwise is move money to and from UK to euro accounts so only a go between as monzo use transferwise and not used fully instead of other accounts

Virgin money accounts is legacy from when it was northern Rock bank

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #66

I too had loads of accounts that I never used - didn’t see the point. So I closed them all and bought a minimalist wallet so now I have:

Monzo Joint Account
Monzo Current Account

100% Monzo :partying_face:

(William Brown) #67

I want ever give up my virgin money accounts if you close them you loose them and never get them back it’s harder now for me in the UK to get them but I’m monzo fully in the UK and have permanent tsb for when I’m in eurozone easy as that and I’m happy to do it that way

Virgin money gives you extras like virgin money lounge access and free coffee so I don’t grudge keeping them open

Think when I comes to how much I have I’ve cut back a lot but fear if I close some things I’ll never get back them again

(Jonathon) #68

I’m sorry to ask, but is there a reason you don’t use punctuation? Are you dictating your responses to your phone?


:joy: Love it

(Shreyas Zanpure) #70

First post here. I believe in keeping this simple. So an HSBC account debit card, and a transferwise one when I travel. Transferwise has been fantastic when using in Europe while travelling, saving lots of conversion fees when buying stuff from Spar or shopping. No more “Pay in EUR or Convert to GBP” moments at the tills.

I am still not convinced to get a fintech account, because it does not offer anything extra over legacy accounts, for my needs. I need to withdraw cash at ATM and transfer money to other accounts (friends etc), direct debits and standing orders. That’s about it. I do not find any differentiating factor between fintech and legacy if I ignore the fluff (nice UI, notifications, pretty dashboards etc). If they offered me savings interest (Starling offers it now, but 0.25% AER over £2000 is appalling), I might consider it. I am however considering switching toa fintech for my business bank account, but that’s a different story.

On the credit card side, I have Amex Platinum that gives me 1.25% cashback, and a Barclaycard VISA with 0.5% cashback as backup. After reading through loads of stuff about different credit cards and offers, I found that cashback works best. It’s hard to quantify the value of AVIOS miles and other things until you book the tickets or use them. The value of cash is a real figure, so you know what you are getting right at the point it’s accrued.
The only other credit card I have and I find useful is Virgin Money Mastercard, with a “buy now and pay 30 months later” at 0%. I have used it for my bulk purchases, mostly home renovation. I have setup a standing order from my account, so that chugs along.

(Stefano) #71
  • Starling - I only opened an account with Starling recently, and because I feel it comes closest to the banking experience I envision, I made it my main account: salary, bills, standing orders, direct debits go through this
  • Monzo - I keep using Monzo regularly for spending and I keep a close eye on new features etc. Also great for sending and receiving money from friends, as most of them have it now
  • Triodos - I transfer my monthly savings in the current account. I also have two savings accounts and an ISA with them, the reason for having so many is to make the most out of interest rates and different withdrawal policies
  • Barclays - my legacy bank, which I want to close eventually but still keep because I enjoy seeing how they catch up with the likes of Monzo and Starling in time. Also good to have a Visa card in case Mastercard blacks out or something!
  • Barclaycard - my only credit card, which I use sporadically but pay in full every month for credit score purposes. It’s good for buying concert tickets, gifts etc which I know I can afford when the next paycheck comes, but would otherwise mess with the current month’s budget. Also good to have in case of emergencies.
  • Curve - for all of the above


How do I do this and what do I need? That’s a lot of money!


(Tom) #73

I’m guessing that offer may have expired now, @glasgow’s post was from June.

Nationwide have a similar offer on, PM me and I’ll send you a link :+1:


Awesome, thanks!


Also £100 for you and £100 for a friend on the Nationwide switch but they also need Nationwide.

(Stephen Ward) #76

I carry exactly 1 bank card. I can’t be doing with complications in my life and unnecessary clutter. My Monzo card is more than enough for me. I have no need for a credit card at this point.


In my wallet I have:
Monzo (main)
Monese UK (backup)
Curve (for everything else)

Not in my wallet:
Monese Euro
Danske (legacy)
Bunq Mastercard & Maestro

Dozens (coming soon)

I have accounts with most fintech banks, just to try them out.
So far I haven’t found anything to make me want to switch from Monzo.


Too many to count. I have various debit and credit cards in over 4 countries.


Monzo offers 1% on savings pots over £1000. There is also a new bank called Dozens which claims they can offer 5% although it hasn’t publicly launched yet.

I find pretty much every fintech bank makes doing everything 100x easier when compared to legacy banks. Even simple things like searching for a specific transaction is so much easier. Have you tried using Monzo yet, even just for your day to day spending? I thinkg you’ll see the light once you give it a chance :stuck_out_tongue:

(Only available in amateur ) #80

Hopefully they’ll release more information on how they’ll cover the investment when the stock market falls as their savings is an investment product. Possibly their everyday account interest as well but it’s hard to pin down the details. They haven’t got a bank license yet either so not a bank

(Stephen Ward) #81

“I have various debit and credit cards in over 4 countries.” Are you Jason Bourne?