How long after posting cheques using FREEPOST address to show in the Monzo Account?

I’ve opened and activated my Monzo account and posted a cheque using FREEPOST on the 14 May — how long does it take to show? Also, where is the Chat Application in the iOS APP ?

in the help section search for ‘contact us’

Post is a bit slower at the moment and there’s been a bank holiday so that will have slowed it up

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You can also type “chat” in the help search option in the app.

Select “I can’t find what I’m looking for”

Chat should open up.


Mine has the “Still need help?” sub-heading it seems.

Good luck with that. I posted a cheque 3 weeks ago. Asked about it only to be told its probably lost and to go and cancel it and a new one sent out.

My cheque never ever arrived so I had to cancel the cheque and have it reissued taking another 3months

It takes 3 months to have your cheque reissued?

Yes it was their company procedure. But that’s not the point really is it.

I agree, cheques are terrible on every level and have no place in the 21 century.

Good luck with your complaint to whoever issues your cheque and to royal mail for losing the original one :crossed_fingers:

Use a different bank to pay in cheques. One of mine got ‘lost in the post’ too, now I just use another account.

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Maybe it wasn’t Royal Mail. Cannot blame either of no evidence.

Maybe you never posted it, you just thought you did :exploding_head: :laughing:

No evidence of that either :wink:

Just sucks that it takes 3 months for the company to issue a new one!

At least it gives you plenty of time to sort out a different bank to pay it in to. I hope it wasn’t a large amount.

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How is that trolling? It’s exactly what you wrote where you accused someone else :confused: Now you’re saying its “trolling” because you don’t like it when it’s the other way round?

I even ‘winked’ to state that I was kidding but whatever :man_shrugging:

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You suggested Royal Mail I simply said maybe it wasn’t Royal Mail ? You suggested it could be my fault fair enough but really did you need to reply with a comment like so — that in my word is trolling.

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The few I sent in pre Starling arrived to Monzo and took from memory maybe about 4 working days to clear once it showed on my feed

Maybe I’m too old or been outside of the uk for far too long to understand the emoji language.

No problem! A wink means exactly what it would in person. It typically indicates that something is a joke or that they have a crush on you. Take your pick :wink: <— joking again

Cheques have their place.

However, Monzo’s processes for paying them inhave no place in the 21st Century and especially not for a fintech which is supposed to pride itself on improving the banking experience for their customers.