Cheque arrival time

Hi all,

Last Saturday (6th) I sent a cheque to Monzo’s freepost address and I still haven’t had confirmation in the app that it’s arrived. I’m starting to worry that it’s got lost as it’ll be very difficult to replace. I know I should have sent it signed for to the actual address, hindsight is a wonderful thing. Monzo say it can take 5-7 days but realistically I’ve never seen 2nd class post take that long.

Has anyone here had to wait the full 7 days for a cheque to arrive?


I have just had 2 cheques processed and the delivery and confirmation took about 5 business days so I don’t think you have anything to worry about just yet.

I would wait until Monday and if still nothing message then on chat.

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Yeah especially posting on a Saturday as it might not be collected til Monday


Unless you posted it by the very early Saturday mail collection cut off time (10.30am at my local post office) then, as @Rat_au_van states, your mail could have sat there until 5-6pm on Monday evening. It will then have started being processed Monday night/Tuesday morning and the freepost is most likely second class delivery (unless I can be corrected) so is well within the delivery times for slightly delayed first class and on time second class.


Great, thanks all :+1:


I sent one in just before Christmas and it was a month until the money was in my account.
I imagine it would have been a busy time for them though. Cheque deposits at another time will probably be quicker.


That’s ridiculous. I have to admit that the whole process of getting a cheque into your account is one thing I’m not very impressed with so far. It’s takes far too long. I know that cheques aren’t that common these days but I have no idea why monzo put that imaging test on hold.
From now on I think I’ll just put cheques into a high street bank account where it would have cleared by now.


If only they continued with the cheque imaging…