Cheque processing London

I posted a cheque to Monzo 11 days ago and it has still not been acknowledged. Does anybody know if they have a backlog at the moment?

They always have a backlog…

If you posted it using free post, they say it could take up to 4 weeks for you to get your money…

Did you send it via freepost?

  1. Typically It’ll take 3 to 4 weeks to see the money in your account. That’s 10 working days to reach us, then 4-6 working days to process. We’ll send you an app notification when we start processing your cheque.

10 working days is the timeframe, so 14 days total then you’ll get acknowledgement in app when they’ve got it.

This notification will give you an estimate when it will be paid into your account.

Thanks, Dwarf. I posted with a first-class stamp at a post office in Central London.

My concern is that they haven’t acknowledged receiving it after 11 days. I don’t know if I am best to get the cheque cancelled and reissued or stay patient!

What date did you post it & what time?

Why did you pay first class and not use the freepost address :confused:

I don’t think speed of post has much impact and you’re still within the timeframe so no need to panic.

I posted it on Friday 12 March around 2pm. It was handed in at the post office counter at the post office less than one mile from the Monzo address.

So, today, you are currently on Business Day 6 of the process.

As per this link (shared above):

It states, that it’s 10 working days to get to them.

So, until that point, you should just sit tight & wait.

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Happy cake day! :tada:

That was the advice I received from Monzo via the Chat app after the post office said they couldnt accept the envelope without a PO box number

Thanks I had thought it was 10 days - that puts my mind at rest


No. The key is ‘working days’, not days. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all of you pointing out its 10 working days, that gives me a bit more piece of mind.

honestly, this process is ridulous. If you ask me (and I know you didn’t, but this is the internet, so I’ll give my advice anyway) I’d open a Starling account, even if just for handling cash and cheques. That way you can deposit cheques (up to £500) just by taking a photo (if you expect higher cheques, quite a few banks now have higher limits)

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Until they close your account because you’re not profitable to them :speak_no_evil:


I agree not all bank accounts suit every customers needs , never had a cheque in 3 or 4 years, in fact dont remember my last cheque , that obviously doesnt mean people dont get cheques , never paid cash in to Monzo, dont need an IBAN etc etc …suits me fine :slight_smile: I dont want to gripe on constantly about what they dont do which I desperately need and expect them to change their business to suit me , I will vote with my feet

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Only Monzo do that and if OP pays in cheques to Starling and sends the money to Monzo then he should be fine :rofl:

I do the same but with 1 international payment I receive periodically. I wouldn’t be upset or surprised if Starling told me where to go :laughing: Then again they make money on that whereas they don’t charge for cheques as far as I’m aware? :thinking:

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