Sent Cheque via 1st class + FREEPOST

So I sent my first cheque off via 1st class Royal Mail but wrote FREEPOST MONZO in error, with the address below it on the envelope ( postcode EC2P2SU) 3 working days ago. No notifications yet in-app, I would have thought this would have been delivered already. Unless it was put into a slower ‘Freepost queue’ for processing…Any ideas? Just a bit urgent as its getting closer to the cheque expiry date

Hi. Welcome.

By the looks of things it’s the same address/place, but 3 days would be fast by Monzo standards. It’s 4-6 working days from when they get it.

FREEPOST :european_post_office:

  1. Follow steps 1 to 3 above :point_up_2:
  2. Write FREEPOST MONZO (nothing else!) on the envelope and post it to us. You don’t need to use a stamp.
  3. Typically It’ll take 3 to 4 weeks to see the money in your account. That’s 10 working days to reach us, then 4-6 working days to process. We’ll send you an app notification when we start processing your cheque.
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3 working days would be dream land for Monzo cheque deposits.


Wot. That’s a ridiculous turn around time, and the slowest I’ve ever seen stated anywhere.

Is this a new time frame? Because I’ve sent a cheque off to monzo in the past, and the whole thing took about a week.


It’s only what Monzo say themselves

4-6 working days added to the 10 working days.
That’s possibly 21 calendar days.

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I guess that’s the full range of worst case scenario when it leaves your hand into the postbox, using the freepost.


Did you write your account number on the back of the cheque?

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That is horrendous timescale.

I rarely see a cheque but, if I did, I thankfully have at least three other accounts where I can just take a photo of it.

Unless I am lucky enough to receive a high value, of course, in which I would have to use a branch of my other accounts.


I got one this morning from British Gas for 1p over payment :upside_down_face:


Drinks are on you then.


And I thought my 36p cheque was bad


Was more concerned about the delivery time since I put FREEPOST (slow delivery) on it with 1st class stamp (fast delivery). As luck would have it I just got a message through saying it has been received so im glad it didn’t take any longer just to get there. Thanks!


3–4 weeks is horrific, especially since someone on here reportedly went from opening a brand new Starling account, taking a photo of a cheque to being able to spend the money, in under 24 hours.


I would imagine that the timescale has postal delays built into it, one would hope anyways. I know from cheques I’ve put in, it’s never been anywhere near that timescale.

Edit - duh I didn’t see the quote with timescales above :sweat_smile:

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Hi I forget to put my account number on my cheque. Can this be sorted out any other way. Help please

It’s unlikely they will be able to match your cheque to your account if you didn’t give them this information.

You’re best speaking to Monzo using in app chat to confirm.

Answered in your other post