Paying in cheques

I sent a cheque 8 working days ago. Money that I desperately need for Christmas. Monzo are unable to tell me if they have received it. Anyone else had problems like this?

Seriously thinking I made a big mistake when something as simple as paying a cheque in takes weeks.

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Unfortunetly it wont be cleared before christmas at this stage

It does say it takes up to 3 weeks in app and it can be longer with christmas post delays

Did you send it freepost or was it a higher value one you sent recorded delivery?

On their Cheque Deposit page it says it can take up to 3 weeks:

When I sent mine last month I had it in my account a lot quicker than this but for the reasons mentioned above I think you’re pushing your luck a little :scream:

Fingers crossed you get it soon though. Whey they do receive it, you’ll be given a date in app :slight_smile:

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