How Do I Remove A Repeating Transaction That Never Triggers?

So this is weird.

I have a repeating groceries service which is debited from my card every Thursday.

Somehow I have managed to set it to show in Committed Spending, but the repeat is showing every Friday. Because of this it never triggers as a repeated spend (and it’s shown as faded out), and when the actual payment is taken, it’s also reflected in my Summary wheel, meaning my overall budget accounts for it as well (I think Committed Spend is not supposed to show on the wheel, is that right? – not actually sure due to this bug)

I’ve searched my previous transactions but cannot find an original one where this is set to repeat, so I can’t remove it from Committed Spend. Setting another transaction to repeat shows another set of transactions in a Committed Spend but with the original transaction bold (presumably to show it has triggered and is accounted for in Committed Spend)

Anyone know how I can remove the weird transactions from my Committed Spend list?

Does this even make sense? – due to this bug I realise I don’t actually really know how the budget wheel and the Committed Spend lists work because I now see they’ve always been out of kilter.


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I’m dredging my memory here, but I think if you go to scheduled payments it should be listed. You can click on it and alter the frequency there.

I don’t have one set up or I’d screenshot it.

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I don’t know where scheduled payments are…?

The borked items in my Committed Spending list, on the Summary tab are greyed out and cannot be clicked.

I’m on Android…
Click the payments tab at the bottom of the screen and it looks like this


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Yes! That’s fixed it, thanks so much :tada::tada:


@BethS I see you’ve read this Beth. Maybe you could feedback to the right people that providing a link to manage repeating payments would be a help. Essentially a signpost from the Committed Spending area on the Summary tab, to the Scheduled Payments area on the Payments tab. It’s not particularly obvious you need to switch tabs to manage these.


Done :raised_hands:

good shout


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