Can someone please tell me how Committed Spending works?

So continuing my journey into Committed Spending. Earlier this week I thought I’d sorted out my borked budget.

Turns out…

Committed Spending thought I’d have a debit of £42 last Sunday. In fact, due to a credit being applied to my groceries account, the company billed me on the expected day but only £30. The greyed–out transaction in Committed Spending didn’t trigger.

Committed Spending thought I’d be billed £9.99 by Spotify tomorrow. In fact, Spotify charged me the expected amount but a day early. The greyed–out transaction in Committed Spending didn’t trigger.

One wrong amount, right day. Another right amount wrong day.

Now both these transactions are accounted for in my budget wheel, so that reckons I’ll run out of money, whilst my Committed Spending still expects those payments to come in?

Can someone explain how intelligent the system is? Under what circumstances will the system recognise slight changes? Am I doing it all wrong? Argh.

That sounds a little strange, my committed spending seems to pick up value changes and date changes :worried:l

Might be worth sending an in app message to ask them why is not working.

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How quick does it recognise that different transactions are what it’s looking for? Is it instant when the transaction happens, or at the end of the day when no better transaction comes along?

I don’t pay that much attention to it but I’ve never noticed an actual transaction and a committed pending transaction existing at the same time so it must be pretty instant.

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@Jami I’ve been told you might be able to provide some help or advise if this is expected behaviour?

Hey, predicted card subscriptions are matched on a few data points, merchant, date, and amount. The date and amount have some buffer zone to deal with natural fluctuations, but if things are tooooo different, our system won’t match a payment as being part of a subscription.

There is also a problem with merchants that have complex/messy merchant code set ups. Whilst you might see Spotify as one company in your app, behind the scenes we’re matching thousands (or more) of unique merchant codes to tidy things up. I think in your case it might be worth writing to support, something things can get fixed by merging the merchants together.

Hope this helps.


Thanks @Jami, awesome service as ever