✅ [Android] Old spend stuck in committed spending

I have been working through this issue with chat for a few months now but they don’t seem interested in helping me. I cannot provide steps to reproduce this, only tell you that it is on Android.

The issue is, my “Committed spending” is £200.32 more than it should be every month. When I review this, there is a transaction for £200.32 which says its upcoming but never gets paid. This is to Lloyds Credit Card. I thought I could easily remove this by finding the original transaction and un-checking the repeating payment option which I did, but it remains in my committed spending. I tried checking to exclude from spending summary and no change. I tried to move it to a different category and the committed spending which is showing every month just moves to that category.

I think I know what the problem is, if I do a search for “Lloyds Bank Credit Card”, only one transaction comes up (the one I have made the changes on) for £200.32, but it shows at the bottom total payments 2 and total amount paid £400.64. So its like there is another transaction set as recurring which I cannot access because it doesn’t show on my search.

Screen shots attached.

I think you’re more or less right without looking at your account.

This interests me to be honest cos I’d love to know what’s going on.

Can you try going to Payments --> Scheduled --> finding the payment there and tapping on ‘Repeating Payment’ :crossed_fingers:

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Oh my god, you have just solved for me what support could not in almost 3 months! So I went into payments, scheduled and in there it was showing up as recurring which I was able to un-check and its fixed. Still only one payment shows up in search and that one was not recurring. Thing is I only every made this payment once lol.

Thanks so much.


It might be because of the ‘upcoming’ payment. If you try after it’s due again it might change :thinking: not sure though, just guessing!