Can you have a transfer as a repeating payment?

Apologies if this has already been asked, I did have a search but couldn’t find anything.

Every month I transfer some money to my nationwide joint account for bills and groceries etc. Can I add this as a repeating payment so that it gets predicted as committed spend? So far I can only see this as an option on debit card payments.

Thank you!

If you set it up as a Standing Order, that might do the trick

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Yes you can. Set up a scheduled payment for the required amount to your Nationwide joint account on the required (future) date and enable the ‘Repeat’ as ‘EVERY MONTH’ with ‘Stop Repeating’ set to ‘NEVER’

It will then know this is a future committed spend end exclude it from the left-to-spend calculations.

I have several of these set up and I use the ‘Finances’ category. When I look at the Summary, I can easily see in the Committed spending section that I’ve either already paid ithem or they are upcoming.

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PPS> Have you considered a Monzo Joint account? This may make life easier :wink:


Thanks for the info I will try that.

Definitely thinking about opening a joint account at some point!

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Are you on iOS or Android?

I’m on iOS, and I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure my standing orders don’t get predicted in committed spend.

If I go onto previous standing order transactions, there’s no “repeating payment” toggle, which is the usual indicator for something being included in committed spend predictions (directs debits have the toggle, as do recurring card payments like Netflix for example).

Edit: ignore all that, I’ve gone into Summary and my standing orders are in committed spend :joy:
There’s just no toggle on the transactions themselves like there is with Direct Debits and recurring card payments.

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Anything that is entered as a future - one-off or repeating - payment is calculated by Summary as committed spending.

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I have set up a standing order to transfer funds from Monzo to pay a DD from another account I have, however this payment is not showing as committed spending. Does anyone know why?
The payment is setup to repeat monthly and never end.

Has the payment already been made within the current reporting period for Summary?

If so, it won’t shows as upcoming committed spending. Instead, it will shows as already spent.

But it should should show as an upcoming committed spend once the next reporting period for Summary starts.

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The payment was made on 31st July and the next payment is due 31st August.
I get paid every 4 weeks which is what I’ve setup my reporting period for. Current is July 19th to August 15th. Do you think that payment will show in committed spend after 15th August?

I also setup a different standing order today and it shows as a committed spend - next payment due 3rd September.

Going off your description of how you’ve set it up. yes it will.

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Many thanks @davidwalton :+1:

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