Repeating Payments

This morning when looking at my feed I noticed my balance dropped and my left to spend had decreased lower than what I was expecting. I eventually figured out that one of my direct debits wasn’t set to a repeating payment. I thought that it would be a good idea to show repeating payments on the feed next to them. I have made a quick mock-up.

I agree, possibly with having a more subtle indication that it’s a repeating payment, maybe a ‘R’ as a superscript to the merchant logo, like they do to mark other transactions with additional data, e.g:


Yeah I also thought about an R - but decided on the full wording as there will be people who will forget what it means.

This is similar to a “Committed Spend” toggle I suggested here:


  • Have a Committed Spend toggle under categories instead of the “Repeating payment” toggle currently found in all transactions.

  • Have the name of toggle categorises (“Committed Spend” or “Committed” or “Repeating”) appear below the cost of the transaction in the Home feed - just “expenses” does for transactions categorises as Expenses on iOS.