How do I contact Customer Service?

Hello - I cannot find a customer service phone number or email anywhere for Monzo. I deposited funds on September 23 yet by October 1 have not received a card. I’d like to close the account and get my money back please; who do I contact for this?

sorry to hear - they have obviously cocked up your registration - it usually takes 1 - 2 days to receive your card after top up - is their mail address - just out of interest where are you based ?

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OK I have emailed the address you gave. The shipping address for the card was in Kent, UK.

For the benefit of others the Monzo website has contact detail for email and social media. Just click on the envelope icon and it opens up your email with the email address in the To field

Customer services:
0800 8021 456


how long after do monzo reply to emails? and when do they answer calls?

It can take several days for emails depending on the queue

Calls are available 24/7 to customers

In app chat is the prefered contact method though, and that’s where most support resources are

how do i use in-app chat? is it when you log in?

Hi Sumaya,

Go to the last tab in the app, which is the help tab. Then scroll down to where it says “Chat With Us” :+1:

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My account it’s blocked for no reason and my money it’s blocked, you said that will send my money back between 2-4 weeks but nothing yet , I emailed to many times but nothing again , can you give to this a solution!

Unfortunately we can’t help with this on the forum

The aim is 2-4 weeks but this can sometimes take longer

They will contact you when they have more information

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Also no bank will freeze an account for no reason

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That was without reason! And I don’t care about the bank, I just want my money back. Or I’m going to do a formal complaint to financial ombudsman About that.

You’ll need to raise a complaint with Monzo first. The ombudsman won’t deal with complaints unless you’ve gone through the internal complaints process first

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I’ve done that 1 week before. But again nothing.

6 - 8 weeks needs to have passed before the ombudsman will help. You then have to demonstrate within that time frame how you’ve tried several channels of communication repeatedly to resolve the situation and that you’ve had no response or an unsatisfactory one.

The forum here isn’t one of those channels. Email or telephone are your only two options if in app chat isn’t available to you.

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The process is to get a final response letter from the company you’ve complained to. Once you have that you can go to the FOS, regardless of timescale. Complaints related to payment services need to be resolved within 15 business days and general complaints within 8 weeks. If the business doesn’t respond within those timescales, you no longer need to wait for a response and can go straight to the FOS.

If they’re not responding he can’t get a final response letter. Either way he has been waiting 5 business days, neither of which is grounds for escalating his complaint yet.

Hi I been waiting for my own money to be returned to my account past 10 days normally dose not take that long I know that they have close my account for no reason and now taking long time to return money I’m struggling with my financial situation

sorry to hear that , have you read through this thread which should have provided you with some answers regarding time scales for return of money - there is nothing more I, or any of the forum members can add, we are just customers like yourself , unless the name is in red, in which case they are Monzo staff.

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