Holding my money for no given reason & customer service is ignoring me

On the 28th of February a refund was processed to my Monzo from my trading 212 which I was unaware that was sent to this card. On the 4th of March I contacted monzo to see what has happened and was told my refund had already been processed and will take the standard 2-4 weeks to land in my desired bank account.

To cut a long story short:
I have not received my money.
I have sent multiple emails to customer service staff who just end up ignoring me.
I have contacted 8 staff who have all ignored me.
A specialist team was supposed to get back to me, of course they did not.
When I call, my call is automatically cut off.
I have had to resort to using twitter for the best form of contact and they have been of no significant aid in this case.
Lastly, what really annoys me is that if my card has been blocked/closed why is it still active and allowing transactions in and out? I also have been logged out of my monzo.
It has now been more than 4 weeks with no information provided. I am a uni student and this money is vital.
I have exhausted all means of communication at this point. I need a call from Monzo to get my money back ASAP.

Hi. Welcome.

We’re just customers here, nobody is going to be able to solve your issue directly.

Having said that, what you’ve posted doesn’t really make sense. It doesn’t take 2-4 weeks for a refund. Monzo don’t hold it, take it anywhere or anything else, when it’s given to you by a merchant, that money goes straight back to you. The processing takes place before it reaches Monzo.

What have trading212 said? What does your account show on there?

You say you’ve been “logged out” of Monzo? Just log back in? Or do you mean they’ve frozen your account?

As above - can you clarify if Monzo have told you (at some point) that they have closed your account with immediate effect?

Does this mean you can still use your card, or does it mean you can’t.

I’m unable to use my card and online app

Yes, they claimed it to be immediate.

Thanks for the clarification.
I’ve contacted trading 212 and they have told me this matter is now Monzo’s issue.
That’s correct, I have been frozen out I am unable to access/log in to the online app.

You’re not going to get any of this resolved here so I’d focus your efforts on calling or emailing Monzo.

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I can’t mate

If your account has been closed, Monzo will likely return the refund to Trading 212.

Hmm they haven’t seemed to do that, also they told me that the funds will be redirected to my desired account so I assume they (Monzo) still have my money.

If your account is closed because Monzo suspect fraud, they can’t do anything until the investigation is over.

Banks are obliged to report any activity they deem suspicious to the National Crime Agency (NCA) which has up to 31 days to investigate. During that time, the funds have to be frozen and the bank commits a criminal offence if it tells the customer why .

When did Monzo do this to your account?

Was this a refund or did Monzo want an alternative account to send your balance to after closing your account?

My understanding when I spoke to someone at Monzo earlier was that trading 212 processes withdrawals as refunds.
This happened after the closing of my account in January, so I provided an alternate bank account to send my funds to it.

If T212 processed a refund after Monzo closed your account, it’s likely the funds would have bounced back and you need to chase T212

If Monzo asked for alternative bank details it’s to send the existing balance at closure


beats me why you didnt say they had closed your account in your OP , its like trying to get blood out of a stone at times when people come on asking for help yet dont tell you that their account was closed in January until 13 posts after “all” the initial information


Sounds like T212 is just passing the buck.

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In that case, if Monzo have given you any time scale, wait till that is up, then email them again.

You can then go to the ombudsman if you aren’t happy.

In the mean time, sort yourself out another bank account so you can carry on with your life.

“Lastly, what really annoys me is that if my card has been blocked/closed why is it still active and allowing transactions in and out? I also have been logged out of my monzo.”
That’s literally in the post?

well not wishing to argue the point or being pedantic , but, go on then … it “literally” isn’t - that doesnt say "my account was closed by Monzo in January " which could in part answer your initial complaints of why the customer operatives are ignoring you out of legal requirements

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