My account was closed by monzo, how can I get my money back in the account?

I get an email that my account was closed, so where can I get my money back? There are over 600 pounds in it and the phone and email are no one reply!

The email should tell you how to get the money back.

That’s a question for Monzo the bank rather than their customers so chat, email or telephone are your only options I’m afraid.

It’s not Monzo protocol to discuss specific account issues like this on the forum.

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That email just inform my account closed and no further advice has given in that email. And no one has replied me now. So stange

The phone number are all robot answering, email no one reply. Ask friend to chat with CS in the app however they ask me to log in to ask. But I cannot log in!!! Not sure what they are doing.

Probably best to leave this at this point. As I said: