How do I contact Customer Service?

No time scales at all

Your account won’t have been closed for no reason. To get the actual reason and more information on your money being returned you need to call, email or use in app chat if it’s still available.

Nobody on here can help with this I’m afraid, so it would be better to focus your efforts by using the correct channels.

when i ask them on app to provide me number where to call and ask they say we cant tell you much i know fro sure it dont take this long to give my money back as i have bills to pay still they say sorry these things takes long my biggest mistake was to open a crap monzo account now im stuck with this issue

Unfortunately legally they can’t tell you much

They will return the money where it came from as soon as they legally can


As mentioned above they’re limited to how much they can legally say. I understand it is frustrating hopefully the below helps answer some questions you may have

Been waiting for 3 weeks now they just waste of time I had app on phone to chat now that’s gone is well still haven’t received my money back well I taking to solicitor they will sort them plus they will charge them the fees I paid extra for bills which were declined because this shity monzo bank account plus I will post this everywhere on social media so they people care full when they see monzo name

Im sorry for your apparent frustration - as has already been explained to you in this thread Monzo have a process to go through legally - I suggest you contact the financial ombudsman rather than waste money on solicitors fees, because if Monzo are correct in their processes, which I assume they will be , you will have to pay the solicitors fees and lose more of your money , if Monzo are in the wrong the regulator will sort them out …good luck …

. by the way I am just a customer like you, so really if you are aiming this at me in every one of your replies to think I have any clout at Monzo you are mistaken :man_shrugging:


Fatima did you receive you’re payment from Monzo?
And how long did it eventually take ?

I’m at 2 weeks today and have another 2 weeks to go for the payment I’m just getting worried that I won’t receive it

Have you got you’re money back yet Fatima ? X

Hi did you get you’re money back xx

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Each case will be unique so timeframes will vary.

Unfortunately nobody on here can help with this as we’re all customers. You’ll need to contact Monzo by calling or emailing them if you’re looking for further details but bear in mind that they’re limited by law to how much they can disclose.

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