Holding my money for no given reason & customer service is ignoring me

That’s exactly what I thought but is not the case.

Your card and your account are two different, but linked, entities. Your account can be working, even if your card isn’t.


This is so confusing.

In one post you say that you can’t use your card but in another you say that you can. Then you say that your account was closed back in January.

Which one is it?

Card not working = card frozen
Account and card not working = Account closed/frozen

There are no other scenarios or hybrids of the two.


How do you know your card is allowing transactions in if you can’t access your monzo account?

If it’s allowing transactions out as you say, just withdraw the money?

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It’s possible that is because of this:

If so, it’s possible the money DID reach Monzo but it’s also possible that Monzo can’t pass the funds on to you because of the below and also possibly due to instructions from the police.

It’s also entirely possible that the funds bounced and were returned to T212

This isn’t really a matter to be discussing on a forum and there’s nothing we can do here to help you. Your only options are speaking to T212, Monzo or the Ombudsman.

Except the OP said that they’re still allowed to make transactions in and out

I read that as plural and that they can spend as well as receive money, despite their account being closed in January :man_shrugging: I’ve given up though, I don’t have patience for this kind of stuff :sweat_smile:


No, it’s Monzo then the Ombudsman.

I just don’t want poor customer facing ombudspeople to be inundated with angry customer messages they can’t action because someone decides to skip Monzo’s complaints procedure


Yet another thread with conflicting messages… Muted