No response for 2 days

Anybody else been ghosted by monzo?
Had an issue, they said it was being escalated to a specialist and I haven’t heard back in the chat for 48 hours,
Every time I’ve called the lines are too busy and they hang up on you after five minutes.
I’ve emailed as well but other than the first response ‘what seems to be the issue’ I haven’t heard back in over 24 hrs as well…

To make it worse I can’t even create a new

chat to get someones attention, it’s like the chat ticket has been left on a shelf somewhere and Ive messaged several times over the last few days and heard nothing back.

Don’t really know what to do now to sort out this problem as I can’t get through to anybody.

From experience escalations to specialists can take some time, with some situations needing more investigating, there’s nothing you can really do besides wait,

Try the phone number every so often and you should get through, but likely they’ll just say it’s been escalated etc etc.


Whilst understandably frustrating these wait times are not uncommon currently. You could try calling them and insisting on speaking to someone who can help you with this as there may be someone.

There is no way to justify these wait times, they appalling for a bank of 3m+ customers.

Monzo need at the outset to set expectations regarding time periods, which in my experience they haven’t been. And the system needs to be changed so people don’t feel they are chatting to thin air, while waiting for a response.

Monzo have so many things right but this sadly not.


Some things can’t be fixed over weekends so the specialists only work Monday to Friday

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They should have specialists working at weekends the bank isn’t closed and the amount of customers complaining clearly justifies this.


Has your account been frozen? It’s a bizarre exchange?

I had to wait several days myself as I had an unauthorized payment come off my card.

Unfortunately there really isn’t much to do besides wait.

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Tho i do agree this is probably your best chance.

Let us know how you get on :blush:

They do have specialists working over weekends but some things can only be resolved during the week. It depends on the issue

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I understand that things take time but I wasn’t given any time frame at all

It’s an automated service so they hang up if nobody is available. Thanks though

What is the phone number to ring ? Because this has happened to me

It’s on the back of your card, or Google has the answer :wink:

0800 802 1281

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I understand that you can’t always have a specialist on tap but why not give the customer support team more tools to offset the need for special second line support.

The lack of timeframes is really poor, I’ve complained about this myself and it was upheld. People are much more accepting if you give a time frame, than leaving people hanging. It’s horrible experience as any subsequent posts in the app just sit there and you feel ignored.


Or at least give the customer an estimated timeframe.


Specialist or not, this is being seen by someone surely? Not acceptable. Even if a message was “We are looking into this but there is a delay due to XXX” then this is better than this.

Customer satisfaction is gold dust, and if Monzo can tackle that, they will be allowed grace with other bumps along the way. Learn from Apple.


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