Waiting for my money

I had my account closed down out of nowhere with no explanation whatsoever with a few hundred pound in it over 4 weeks ago and I’m still waiting for my money can never get through to anyone on the phone it’s absolutely ridiculous no ones telling me anything!!!

Are you saying your account was closed and at no point Monzo has emailed you to tell you the account was being closed and what would happen to your funds?

Normally they will email you to tell you that the account is being closed and will explain what is going to happen to any funds in your account, such as returning the money to source or asking you to provide details of another account to send the money to.

As mentioned above, you should have an email similar to the below:

Nobody here can help you.

They have to give it back in the timeframe they state. How long has it been exactly?

Your only option is to call them.

They closed it without any warning or explanation and finally got back to my email a week later saying they have the right not to tell me and my money will go into a account that I provide in 2-4 weeks it’s now been over 4 weeks and there like ghosts to get hold of absolutely shocking

I presume you have given them the account details? You could try giving them a call using the number on the back of your card.

Yeah the first time they got in contact and I’ve tried there busy and blaming the coronavirus loads of bs to me

Well it isn’t. They are on reduced staff.

What date did you give them your details?

These discussions are best carried out in private with Monzo directly.