Help with live chat

Delete and reinstall the app

Make sure you press the log in option and use the same email address you used to sign up to the app.

See if you can log into as that will mean you are using the correct email address

Yes I can log in to monzo web but I can’t log in to the app

Just to add to the Live Chat thing, in the past week or so, I’m getting a prompt in-app asking how he/she can help me.

That appears to be someone looking at a seemingly open conversation and seeking to pick it up - essentially, dealing with unfinished business. It’s the opposite of other experiences where folk aren’t getting a response at all.

Not complaining - but it suggests there’s uncertainty around the chat management mechanism at Monzo’s end.

Can you follow the guidelines here?; Monzo App sign-up/login/access issues - common things to try

Nothing is working I don’t understand what to do I tried calling an I emailed them so many times

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Hi,I need my bank statements! Please I need for today?

You can download statements from your app :slight_smile: Just search ‘statements’ in the help section of your app and it will link you directly to them.

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I can because my app in my phone don’t work,and I call your college and they said me that I can have for here!

If you have no phone and you can’t get into the app, I think statements are the least of your issues.

Just to be clear, I don’t work for Monzo and you’ll struggle to get anyone from Monzo to help you on here because we’re all just customers like you. I’m therefore not sure why you were directed here.

You will need to telephone Monzo on 0800 802 1281 or email them but this generally takes a couple of days. Hope you get it all sorted :slight_smile:

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Your app isn’t working or your phone isn’t working?

If it’s the app then what do you mean it isn’t working? What error message do you get?

If you lost access to the app may I ask why what’s happen.
If you Help right away best to call monzo on the number witch is in the momzo card or email them.

I call them and they send me that I have only from here bank statements?i don’t understand nothing :disappointed:and you tell me that I need to call them!

Are you sure you didn’t misunderstand what they said? Why can’t you get your statement from the app?

My app don’t work

You’ll need to give us more detail than that. Why doesn’t it work? What error are you seeing? Can you log in?


No nothing,how I can get my bank statements?

You can only get them from your app

We are trying to help but can’t unless you answer the questions we are asking

What do you mean it’s not working? What happens when you try and open it?


on iPhone on your home screen you see this -

tap " Account "

  • you will then see this screen -

tap " Statement History " and that will take you into statements which you can then download


Hi!! I have a small problem! I don’t manage to update my e-mail on Monzo app. Can you gave me your e-mail address so I can send you a photo with my passport, please? Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: