Overdraft repayment

How can I pay my overdraft

is your account closed?

How to pay my overdraft if my account is closed



Do you still have access to the in app chat? If yes contect them there

If not you will need to email help@monzo.com unless they have already been in touch with other details

It can take a few days for replies to that address tho, but they’ll get back to you

From seeing this in the past, the instructions are within the email you received asking you to repay the fees.

Ok thank you

Excuse me no one is replying my mail and I don’t know how to pay my overdraft

My account is closed I don’t know how to pay my overdraft

Can anyone help me pay my overdraft

Nobody on here can help you I’m afraid.

Call Monzo or email are your only two options. You’ll just have to be persistent and patient :slightly_frowning_face:

There’s no point repeatedly spamming this thread with the same question

It will take a few days or more to get an email reply

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just pay to your account as normal even though it’s close the money will clear the overdraft

This method will not work if the Monzo account has been switched to another bank using the Current Account Switch Service (CASS) as any credits into the old Monzo account will be automatically forwarded to the new bank.

I’d suggest waiting to hear from Monzo – it’s not likely to forget you’re in debt.

Ok fine later on don’t say that I ignor monzo message I am trying to pay the overdraft and you guys are not helping me thank you

I call monzo so many times they said that they can take my call

Account number and sort code are no more in use it’s say invalid

This is a community forum, not Monzo support. We can only help with ideas on how to sort your problem. You will have to contact Monzo directly for official support.

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