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Hi all :wave:
I need a little help. I attempted to withdraw £70 this afternoon for some Xmas presents, but the atm didn’t dispense the money! Now I would normally go to the live chat in the app but whenever I attempt to do this it goes to the last chat I was in the last time I needed help, but the person won’t answer, probably cause he’s not at work. I’ve tried calling the number on the back of my card but was on hold for 20 mins before I thought they might not be open. Any ideas?

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All live chats are open for all COps to respond to, as far as I know. Maybe the last COp to reply gets assigned the tickets with highest priority, but it falls to others if they’re offline? Support can be slow although it should be faster these days, after an impressive effort to put things right:

Not sure about the phone number or the opening hours.

Was it actually that the ATM took money from your account? If so, I wonder if you could call whoever operates it?

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If you tap on the ATM transaction in the feed and scroll down to the ‘something wrong? tell us’ does it bring up the same chat?

How long ago did you send the chat?

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Generally speaking, this issue corrects itself after a few days, when the ATM vendor carries out a count on the money in the machine. For immediate attention however, follow the instruction above from @Rat_au_van

Hi whenever I press to help with that transaction it still goes back to the last chat I was in with the last operator. I think he hasn’t closed the chat and put it back into the general pool. So anything I’m sending is just going I him I think.

That’s what I’m thinking too, heard a few reports of this. If you sent the chat more than a couple of hours ago email and explain about the chat issue as well as the ATM.

Edit: just to add the new chat is one long message so it will appear as if it’s going to the same person. In reality it isn’t. But if you haven’t had a reply in hours something may have gone wrong

Hey Nicholas - it looks like one my colleagues has looked into this since your last post and been in touch with you, but do let us know if you still need help :grinning:


Not sure about that. Even if they count the money they still have no idea which withdrawal failed, so it’s still necessary to raise a dispute/chargeback.


Help opening an monzo bank account.

What do you need help with exactly? What stage have you done

Do I have a monzo account

did you download the app, upload your ID, do the selfie video and pass verification?

If not, then no

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I suspect this is another one of those cases where someone has signed up on the forum thinking it is how they open an account :thinking:


Hi I have tried to log in to my account with monzo an I have exhausted myself trying to call an get in contact because the app logged me out an now it’s saying I don’t have an account with monzo when I clearly do an this is really tiring can anyone help me with this I have emailed an tried calling nothing is working no one has got in contact with me please help me someone i have tried everything they are saying my number is not correct and something went wrong when I typed in all the right details

Delete and reinstall the app

Make sure you press the log in option and use the same email address you used to sign up to the app.

See if you can log into as that will mean you are using the correct email address

Yes I can log in to monzo web but I can’t log in to the app

Just to add to the Live Chat thing, in the past week or so, I’m getting a prompt in-app asking how he/she can help me.

That appears to be someone looking at a seemingly open conversation and seeking to pick it up - essentially, dealing with unfinished business. It’s the opposite of other experiences where folk aren’t getting a response at all.

Not complaining - but it suggests there’s uncertainty around the chat management mechanism at Monzo’s end.

Can you follow the guidelines here?; Monzo App sign-up/login/access issues - common things to try

Nothing is working I don’t understand what to do I tried calling an I emailed them so many times

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