Live Chat - Unable to trigger automated responses to request help

Can anyone shed any light on this issue please?

I am trying to get through on the chat facility but I am not getting any responses to trigger a chat. Monzo%20LC

I have a Visa Dispute and it has been 3 months since it was raised and it’s got messy so need some help from them!

Try the phone number on the back of the card?

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I will if I have too but I chose Monzo as I like the ability to chat. I rarely have time to make calls etc but thank you :slight_smile: I will call if I can’t fix it.


You can also email from your registered email. (Or any email , but your registered one will make it easier )

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Hey :wave:

What was the last message your received from us on the chat about out of interest? Did it mention that it’s being escalated to another team?

(Having a guess here without being able to see your account) I’m wondering if this might have been escalated to another team if it’s about an ongoing dispute :thinking: That would mean it’s sat in their queue instead of the normal chat one so COps wont see these messages while we wait for another team to take a look.

Best way to double check that is to call up using the number on the back of your card, the team will be able to take a look to see what’s going on for you :blush: