ATM didnt return The card but money was taken off the account

Today I wanted to get money off my bank account. I inserted my card into the cash machine but didn’t receive the money and the atm didn’t return my card. I called the customer service but I was told to sort it out via mozno chat

Yeah you’ll need to start an in app chat

Also freeze you card in the app and order a new one

How to order a new card?

Pull down your feed to reveal your card, and hit FREEZE, first.

Then hit ACCOUNT and scroll down the “New Card” section, where there is a section to ask for a new one.

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Sounds like the sort of thing I’d expect to be dealt with over the phone really. Pretty poor being fobbed off to in app chat.

I think that’s fairly common - the phone staff tend to direct everyone to chat. Happened to me previously when my card was cloned. Sometimes it’s just much more reassuring to hear someone say that they’ve sorted it immediately but that’s not Monzo’s thing. In fairness though there was little reason for me to call up anyway as it’s all self-serve things that needed to be done (blocking the card, ordering a new one).

Hopefully whoever cloned your card got a few extra quid out of monzo in the time between you speaking to them and them doing nothing about it but direct you to chat

Having a quick look in the Monzo app, I was unable to find the Monzo phone number, although Google brings it up straight away. The in app and webpage help bring up the self serve info about card freezing and getting a replacement. I think a little more positive friction(not having phone number so easy to find, without going through the help page first) in this case may have provided a better outcome

to me the text ‘The number and email address above are only for customer support queries and we won’t be able to help with other questions.’ is also not clear, what is a customer support query ?