No Response from Live Chat

Has anyone had trouble with live chat recently. Started a conversation with the urgent section, after a couple responses they’ve stopped talking altogether. And I can’t start a new chat until I guess this one has been marked as resolved by someone

I had to use it but I didnt mark urgent but it was resolved fairly quickly

Maybe they are trying to find a solution. How long have you been waiting for a reply?

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As mentioned above. Depends on what you’re asking them to do and how long it has been :slight_smile:

Just over a day now so not too bad. I’ve just asked for an update a couple times with no response, just wondering if this isnornal

If you’re not getting a response, I’d suggest calling them. The number’s on the back of your card.


I had this, sent them a message and Twitter and got it resolved straight away

I’ve been waiting for someone to get back to me since the 17th around 11am. I know it’s not too long but it isn’t usually like this

2 days is quite a while

Someone has taken money out of my account and it’s been two days. Everytime I speak to someone they as me the same questions so I’m still at square one. I find the customer service quite shocking to be honest

Monzo resolved a problem on my partner card within 24 hours. Was a bit slow to start but once started chatting they where very helpful and retrieved our money back.

Was this in live chat only? Try the phone number as well?