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For @maxwhite it might be worth taking a look at this topic:


Thank you!

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Some great insights in here, really appreciate everyone’s input :heart:

I’ll pop back in on Monday morning and start combing through the responses properly. Once I’ve done that myself and the team will make a bit of a plan :smirk:


I don’t really have any suggestions for improving the switch experience, but I do think Monzo could do with a switch promotion, both to increase awareness that switch is possible and to indirectly promote the idea that Monzo is a full bank and not just a spending card.

Wouldn’t necessarily need to be a big cash incentive like the big high street banks sometimes offer. Perhaps the incentive could be free Monzo Plus/Premium for a certain number of months.


This is an excellent idea.

Other things that I think Monzo could do that might be worth exploring to see if they’re affordable / net profitable:

  • Interest on roundups (thanks Chase)
  • A lower tier Plus (with limited connected accounts, virtual cards and categories maybe) free for a year or two if you CASS or if you meet certain criteria.
  • £5 refer a friend incentive relocated to CASS
  • Automatic get paid early if you CASS (so many people love the feature) - of course, this is also available to paid customers / if you meet criteria

I’m not a fan of cross selling, but I do wonder if in the CASS flow an option to explore/apply for overdrafts or Flex would be helpful. After all, this is usually the time where customers are committing to Monzo so might want to make the most of these features.


Some may drop down to this lower tier product if they only have one other bank/credit card, and only need one or two virtual cards, so could be a loss in the grand scheme.

Could also go the opposite way and encourage more signups.

Revolut have 3 tiers, with paid interest on all 3 - £2.99, £9.99, and then £12.99 metal. Their open banking is available for a lot more banks, not sure on credit cards though.

Edit: not sure on a lot more banks actually, but does have Starling :sweat_smile: no credit cards on the list.

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I mean I’m just an idiot on the internet. Hopefully someone is running some numbers!

(My instinct is that actually the net gain would be significant, especially as the interest rate rises mean that it might be worth more than the profit on Plus to attract significant balances to be held in Monzo).

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:heart: for the instinct, not the idiot comment (far from) :sunglasses:

Someone somewhere in the Monzo universe will be crunching the numbers to see what’s viable.

I’m sure I’ve a lot to catch up on when I return on Tuesday :sweat_smile:


Pay me ££ to switch my account to Monzo pls! :eyes:


I’d love to see some evidence that, in isolation, switching incentives work. I have a hypothesis it’s one of these things that the industry things works but ultimately never does.

(My logic: most people don’t switch. Those that do will realise that it’s easy and that you can make money from it so will therefore be more likely to move again).

Edit: big banks, please carry on offering them though. It’s a good way of redistributing wealth. Ta.


I’ve just looked as well.

It didn’t take me all that long to find it, although I note that it’s next to the monzo energy switch service. How relevant is that now? (It offers me a 12 month fix that’s higher than the current price cap, but without any real explanation of the pros/cons of this…)

Once I start the CASS flow, there’s very little about why I’d want to move everything to monzo. This feels like a missed opportunity. We’ve talked about this in other threads, but if monzo want people to make monzo their primary account, they need to push the benefits (get paid early, budgeting, see upcoming payments, shared tabs, etc). (And I’d guess keep quiet about Monzo’s completely inadequate solutions for paying in cheques and cash, despite the fact that CASS closes their old account. But maybe that’s chat for another thread, eh?)

So while I agree that it’s helpful to stress how easy it is to switch with CASS, it’s also important to explain why it’s worth switching in the first place.


Exactly so. I think people switch for one of two reasons: a) they’ve had a really bad experience with their old bank and just need, or want, to change to a better one.
b) they only switch for the bonus, i.e. bribe.

People in the first group won’t switch again, providing they are happy enough with their new bank. The second group, however, tend to become serial switchers. Once they’ve tasted free money, they will switch again, at the drop of a hat, to whichever bank is offering the best deal.

Once a bank has offered a switching incentive (bribe) they need to keep repeating the offer every so often, because they will lose new customers as fast as they gain them.

Personally, I’ve had switching bonuses from Co-op Bank, Yorkshire Bank, Barclays, Nationwide, Halifax (twice), Lloyds (twice) and HSBC. I’m now eyeing up Santander, and might switch to them. In all that time I’ve only switched a main account once, the rest were just accounts I’d opened merely for the purpose of switching them away to win a bribe.
I did try for the NatWest bonus as well, but after twice opening unwanted accounts with RBS just to give me an account to switch from, on the third time they realised what I was up to, closed my accounts, and banned me from RBS/NatWest.


Hello, everyone okay?

Wanted to come back and say a big thank you for all your feedback. Myself and designer Victoria have used the learnings to create a vision for a new in-app experience. We’re actually showing it to the team at the Current Account Switch Service this afternoon :eyes:

As I’m sure you appreciate, these things can take time. Don’t expect to see changes in the app any time soon.

Feels good to be making the first steps though. Updates when I have them!



I’m good - how’re you Max?

As in, the proper CASS company thing, or internal CASS Monzo Team?

Can we get a sneak peek? :eyes:


I’m also good, thanks for asking.

Proper CASS company thing :smirk:

Not right now, no. Once it’s in a better place though!


Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 15.16.46



Glad I could help take your quote virginity :smirk:


Don’t make me redeploy my Kenneth Williams gif :joy:


This is excellent news. Hopefully you’re nudging them in a helpful direction by integrating open banking, moving over back data, and generally making things better. :muscle:

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Hi I think offering a “hot chip” plushie would work maybe partnered with a small amount of cash circa £50

Octopus’s octopus appeared to be very popular for their customers.