Help us decorate a room in our new office!

(Richard Cook) #1

Hi there! :wave:

In case you hadn’t heard, we’re moving office! :truck: :package:

We’re moving from our home at 230 City Road down the road to 38 Finsbury Square. It’s a much bigger space, and we’ll have a couple more (much-needed) meeting rooms.

When we first moved to City Road, we turned to you, the Monzo community - to get really involved and help us name one of those rooms. The winner was The Drawing Board, which is still going strong today.

We’re bringing The Drawing Board with us as we move (the name, not the room itself!). And once again, we’re turning to you for help.

We’ve got a budget of £200 to decorate the room. And we want your suggestions for what we should include.

We’ll go through your suggestions and pick as many of them as we can. If they can be community-specific somehow, that’d be great - but we’re open to all suggestions. So let us know what you think!

(Sensible suggestions only, please :wink:)

( surohpotsirhC - The thinking man's Troll) #2

All the leftover prepaid cards. Stick them to the wall.



Paint the walls. Teal will look good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: just noticed that only sensible suggestions are welcomed :frowning_face:

(Tony) #5

You need a muriel on the wall. I’ll say no more.

( surohpotsirhC - The thinking man's Troll) #6


Have one wall as a massive chalk board - I bet there are some pretty arty people at Monzo who could make it look good each month!

( surohpotsirhC - The thinking man's Troll) #8

A mosaic of James Nicholson pictures that make up a picture of James Nicholson.


(Eve) #9

Cover the walls entirely in Jeff Goldblum shower curtains. I heard @cookywook is a fan of the recent sculpture of him?

(Richard Cook) #10

Ha! It’s not quite fitting in with the theme of the Monzo community or “The Drawing Board”.

But a very suitable addition to my own home.

( surohpotsirhC - The thinking man's Troll) #11

Buy this. Put it in the room.

(Kieran) #12

Is that @cookywook next to him?

( surohpotsirhC - The thinking man's Troll) #13


(Nick) #14

Perhaps you could cover the walls with pictures of Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Donald Glover, Alison Brie, Yvette Nicole Brown and Chevy Chase.


Who…I only recognise the last name!

(Daniel Warriner) #16

How is the current meeting room decorated? I seem to remember being asked for my input after my name was chosen but can’t remember seeing it. :thinking:

( surohpotsirhC - The thinking man's Troll) #17

That would give it a real community feel.

(Andre Borie) #18

Bring some cats in.


(Ben) #20

At my office we’ve got one room dedicated to all photos from company events - had some custom wallpaper made printed with all these old photos.

So I vote call it “Community” and revive this old thread: