Get your face on

(Richard Cook) #1

Hello! :wave:

How’s it going? You’re looking great today, by the way. Is that a new haircut?

In fact, you might just be the perfect fit for something we’re working on! We recently revamped our homepage, and one section is all about our wonderful community:

Right now, the faces here all belong to staff members. But we’d love to feature some real community members too. This is where you come in.

If you’d like your face featured:

  • Post a picture of yourself below. (High quality closeups are ideal!)
  • Confirm that you’re happy for us to use this on We won’t use the images anywhere else.
  • Prove the photo is really you by holding a Monzo card. As always, please make sure none of your card details are visible.

Here’s an example:

We can’t guarantee we’ll use every picture. But the more we get, the better :slight_smile:

We look forward to seeing lots of happy faces!

Community Roundup - 23/2/2018
Help us decorate a room in our new office!

I must be in one of my moods today, but all this does is prove someone is holding a Monzo card :wink:

(Richard Cook) #3

True. But we’ll double check with folks before using any pics just to be sure it’s them.

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #4

Need to put my face on first…


no Monzo card, no can do :stuck_out_tongue:

(Pete Mallam) #7

OH WOW!!! No… I absolutely do not want my face on your website. And neither do you.

(Leon) #8

Take another one with you holding a Monzo card and your all set. :wink:


not today, bad hair day today :wink:


Ha ok just snapped a pic after getting in from work, I think it is too dark though so might need to do another in the daytime, get some natural light. But hey here you go …

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #11

When one card isn’t enough… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Happy for this up be thrown on! :slight_smile:

(Leon) #13

Lol I hear ya! :yum:

(Eve) #14

Such an overachiever :joy:

P.s. I think the staff members should get new pictures with their Monzo cards too, the community profile pictures are a horrible indication of how they really look like :joy: I recognised no one at the Monzo meetup


muahahahahahaha! evil laughter

(Jack) #16

Feel free to use on :

(Eve) #17

Took me a million years to find an app to blur this! My friends have accused me of secretly working for Monzo since I mention it so much… now I can seem even more suspicious with this paid ad lookalike :ok_hand:t3::sparkles: use it on the site if you want


would be good to flip the photo horizontally, as it looks from your card you are with oznom bank!

(lee) #19

Why wasn’t that a name option


obnom instead of Mondo would not have used the M and they wanted to retain that for their logo

(Eve) #21

I was trying to find an app to do that since iPhones don’t let you flip horizontally via the system photo editing! :weary: Androids win this time! I’m sure whoever adds my face will flip it for me :joy: Oznom is a catchy name though

(Eve) #23

I was gonna reupload but don’t have to do it now, @16bitkieran sorted me out :joy: thank you everyone