Monzo 5K Wallpapers (fan art)

(Kieran McHugh) #1

Hey all,
I wanted to share a couple of 5K wallpapers I drew recently as a homage to our favourite bank (and my new employer!) :slight_smile:

"Starting from Scratch"

Download Full Res (10M)

"Laying the Foundations"

Download Full Res (10M)

I’ll do some more of these if you like them!


Download Full Res

Download Full Res

Download Full Res

Finsbury Neon

Download Full Res

Finsbury Sketch

Download Full Res

Monzo wallpapers?
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Community Roundup - 2/3/2018
(Simon B) #2

These are fantastic, @kieranmch - awesome work! I’ll post them on our company Slack so everyone can see them :grinning:


sets as desktop background

(Richard Cook) #4


(Marta) #5

Thank you for sharing those, @kieranmch :heart_eyes_cat: I would love to see more, especially for phones… and in a bit more colour (and not just hot coral, as much as I love hot coral on my card, having this as phone wallpaper would hurt my eyes a bit :stuck_out_tongue: ).

(Kieran McHugh) #6

Here is Hot Chip on his way to save us all from the perils of legacy banking.

Download Full Res

(Ian Lyon) #7

LOVE this! You have just massively improved my desktop :clap:

(Kieran McHugh) #8

Haha looks great :wink: Love the setup!




all we need now is a Monzo app for Windows :wink:


Look closely @ianlyon is running a Mac OS :wink:


A Mac…I thought that was what flashers wore!

(Liam H) #13

These are really cool! And welcome to Monzo! :grinning:

(Zach Hart) #14

How fantastic!! I’m impressed. Nice work!

(Jack Donovan) #15

Just thought I’d share my use.

Amazing, thank you xD

(Alex Sherwood) #16

Looks great like this too :heart_eyes:

Image from this tweet.

(Kieran McHugh) #17

The clash of the Monzo text and the date/time really upsets me :frowning: So here is a version without the Monzo text if you want it :slight_smile:

(Kieran McHugh) #18


Download Full Res


If you could do some alternate colour ones of the first two that would be amazing, just set mine to fade between the light grey and the blue every 30 mins, seamless transition as they are the same size.

(Akash) #20

These are brilliant @kieranmch