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Hi everyone, it has been ages since I have created a post even thought I have been reading all the comments especially Monzo in media and Monzo annual report 2020. I was wondering it might be wonderful if Monzo can organise an online only event - for instances via YouTube live stream or something. I miss those open office events where they used to talk about innovation, upcoming products or sneak peek that they are working on.

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I reckon that they’ve probably “grown out” of those unfortunately.

Would like to be proved wrong though!

@simonb has already done that recently…but for Sphere, his new employer, not Monzo.


I imagine they might when things have calmed down (Covid, office move, redundancies, resultant restructuring, plus launch). I get the impression that Monzo is very busy at the moment without worrying too much about the community forum (which is not a complaint).

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That can’t possibly true, because they’re stagnating and everyone here is off to [insert other challenger bank] apparently :wink:



Hi there :wave:

We don’t have plans for any other Open Office events in the future. But we’ll let you know if this changes or we have any other similar events to announce


Oh no… I loved the open offices. It was really good. I hope Monzo can organise future events. It will be good to attend

Right now I’m just looking forward to being back in an office at all!

(Especially our shiny new one)


It’s one of those days where the office aircon would certainly be personally appreciated! My lounge is even warmer than yesterday


Have you guys moved to even bigger office now ? Haha

We’ve moved just around the corner to a new space in Broadwalk House.

We’re still waiting for the finishing touches before it can open. And, of course, for the government to give the go ahead that it’s safe to return to work. (Though even this will be a gradual process and nobody will have to go in if they don’t want to).


I can only imagine the jostling for floorspaces/desks by the opening windows :hot_face:


delete oll pls


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