Interested in our old office space? 👀

(Holly Cameron) #1

Hi everyone! My name’s Holly and I’m currently working in our people team, to help move the office :wave:

We have office space which will become available in August 2018. We have one floor at 230 City Road which is 9,097 Sq Ft. It is a 5 minute walk from Old Street station and the space comes fully fitted out with open plan workspaces, meeting rooms, and break out areas.

We’ll be moving to Finsbury Square in the next few months and so also have three floors available there to anyone interested.

  • First floor 6,339 Sq Ft
  • Second floor is 6,679 Sq Ft
  • Third is 6,679 Sq Ft

It is a 5 minute walk from both Liverpool Street station and Moorgate station, and is suitable for both cellular and open plan layouts.

Please contact me at if you would like to book a viewing of either property! :rocket:

(Kenneth Cajigas) #2

Where abouts in Finsbury square are you moving to? Is it City Gate house? :smile:

(Holly Cameron) #3

38 Finsbury Square :grin:


is it well posh?

(Richard Bairwell) #5

It’s where Bloomberg used to be based. .

(Jack) #6

Big upgrade then! You’ll be able to wave at Anne and all her employees at Starling through the window!

(Kenneth Cajigas) #7

Yess the way Bloomberg laid out their building was quite fancy they had fish on every floor and a pantry right as you enter - I wonder if Monzo will be doing something similar?


And this was how it looked a few weeks ago

It really is quite an amazing space and I’m so happy that Monzo are moving into the building :tada::raised_hands::tada::raised_hands:

(Only available in amateur ) #8

The fish would be handy if the cats wanted a snack

(Tom ) #9

Looks awesome! Will dogs still be welcome? Very important.

(Jack) #10

The amount of pillars annoys me. Nice space though!

(Herp Derp) #11

Lets have a massive rave in the old office and the new one before it’s kitted out :sunglasses:

(Ian Lyon) #12

That was the first thing I asked! The answer is yes. Monzo will remain dog friendly and long may it continue.

(Brenda Wong) #13

I mean, we’ll just reject any job candidates who’s allergic to dogs right? :joy:

(Ian Lyon) #14

Isn’t that what we already do? :thinking:

Just kidding folks. Everyone in the office is conscious and considerate of any allergies and manages their dog:office interaction appropriately. Please continue to apply for great jobs at Monzo regardless of your allergies.

(Brenda Wong) #15

I mean yes of course! :point_up_2:

Doggos doggos doggos :dog:

(Only available in amateur ) #16

Just include allergy pills as part of the employee wage package. Sorted



(Brenda Wong) #18

Piriton as part of the welcome pack?

(Brenda Wong) #19

I didn’t mean it promise :hot_coral_heart:


The emoji was not crying, but eyes watering from allergy :wink: