Name our meeting rooms!

(Tara) #1

Hello everyone :wave:

As everyone hopefully knows, Monzo are moving to a new office soon. We are very lucky to have gained some more meeting rooms but we now need help naming them. We have gotten some ideas together internally, but we would love it if the community named one for us.

It must begin with ‘The’

…and that’s it! As long as it’s not inappropriate in some way then we’re happy to go with what you suggest. We will be choosing the meeting room name on Wednesday so please get your suggestions in as soon as possible. If you don’t have any suggestions yourself then please vote for the names you like by showing them some :heart:

We’ll announce the winning name tomorrow after our team meeting and will send the person who suggested the name some Monzo swag. :tada:

To give you some inspiration, these are some names that have already been agreed upon:
The Pineapple Lounge - The Batcave - The Room of Requirement - The Alpaca Affair - The Moon.

Thank you in advance for your input :smile:

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Help us decorate a room in our new office!
(Zainab Khan) #2

@Tara Can I input too!? :wink:

The Monzonaut Chambers?

  • The Suite

  • The Mos Eisley Cantina

  • The PC Load Letter Room

I’ll stop there.

(Marta) #6

The Closet (for smallest room)

Infinite potential for puns.

(Tom Warren) #7
  • The Vault

  • The Llama Lounge

  • The Meeting Room

Additions @ 12:00:

  • The Future (can be cool to say “to The Future!” and “oh we have another meeting, back to The Future”) :wink:

Additions @ 12:07:

  • The Wonder Room

(Tara) #8

This is actually already a name we have suggested and potentially agreed on but it’s ‘The James Nicholson Experience’ :joy:


That’s significantly better! I love it.


The Coral Room, The Mondo Room :slight_smile: , The Swift Room, The Bacs Room, The Sterling Room, The Fiat Room, The Blomfield Suite, The Old Street Suite…

(Will Stanley) #11

Of course it should be The Hot Coral Room or The Monzo Is Awesome Room.

(Tom Warren) #13

I think I’ve an important question. On the placards for the room names, if there is a relevant emoji, will that be printed on there too!? :astonished:


The Other Room…or…The Is There Any More Room


The Extra Room, The Harmony Room, The Unity Room, The Europa Room


“The Referendum Was A Big Mistake” Room :scream:


The Tardis Room, The Karl Marx Suite, The Hayek Room


or maybe The Mee Ting Room


…The Lizard Lounge?

(Rika Raybould) #20

The Hot Coral Cove
The Monzonaut launchpad


The End of the Corridor room