Help us decorate a room in our new office!

(Ricky Nos) #21

House plants and lots of them, I also want regular updates. If you can look after a plant then I’m not trusting you with my money.

On a serious note they will freshen the air and set a good mood. Look after them and they will grow with your bank.


Have a wall, or walls, dedicated to positive customer comments. When stressful times happen, which they will, teams need reminding that many people like what you do and tell you about it. It’s uplifting to be reminded as it’s easy to forget the positive and focus only on the negative.

(Is Santa here yet?) #23

Some vintage signs with motivational slogans. I’m sure the first one isn’t used by anyone else



How about a cat, that is also a monzo superhero, who has got one paw on the globe thinking “how can we get billions of customers”?

(Richard) #25

Corporate Graffiti, that’s what you need!

Get a local graffiti artist in to do a piece on the wall with a theme!

My employer had this done at it’s various locations… by the same artist, they flew him around!

(Richard Cook) #26

Good question! I should have included this.

Here’s what the current room (at 230) looks like.

Did you know we have a meeting room called The Pineapple Lounge, or was this just coincidence?

(Is Santa here yet?) #27

Was thinking about the pineapple on pizza question that’s always asked :grin:

But now it’s a multifunctional suggestion :sunglasses:

(Jack) #28

I recommend a pizza-themed room like this:

Controversially has a pizza with pineapple on it which will help foster debate, perfect for a Monzo meeting room…


Just no, Pineapples do not go near pizza :frowning:

(Caspar Aremi) #30

I’ve got a friend (who might be on here?) who created a bathroom floor with 2p coins, which he laminated over after they were laid. It think it would make a beautiful wall. Not sure if you could buy enough with £200 though, depends how big the wall was :thinking: Anyway, I think it looks fab, and would look great in a bank!

(Joe Billings) #31

Can you post a picture of the new room? Hard to know how to decorate something you can’t see!


Scroll up a couple of posts :slight_smile:

(Joe Billings) #33

He said that’s the current room (230 City Road)


oh yeah my bad !

(Ben) #35

So was thinking about all the meeting rooms we have… some inspiration…

  • some of our rooms are themed around food/ingredients - broccoli, kiwi, apple - etc - with imagery on the theme.
  • room History - with pictures of all staff, past and present, at various nights out. This is my fave. You could use all those selfies of people with Monzo cards as wallpaper.
  • a room dedicated to all our previous ‘employee of the month’ style recognition award winners. Literall wall to wall framed photos of people. This is also nice to recognise the great things the people internally do.
  • A room of baby photos of all employees.
  • Room Kids - with some nostalgic kids toys, and magnets on the walls to spell things.

And we’ve got an area decorated with a lego-wall, one with certificates from weird training and things people do - like 100m swimming certificate, health and safety training, odd bits and bobs like that. Scrabble wall.

And other bits and bobs!

(Jack) #36

Get some of @kieranmch’s awesome artwork blown up onto the wall.
Maybe he could draw some new ones with Hot Chip sketching out the Monzo logo on a drawing board? :slight_smile:


No wonder you have health insurance with chairs like that! :joy:

Although I’ve seen your Herman Miller Aeron chairs in other parts of the office! :grin:

(Richard) #38

Not a fan of those Herman Miller chairs… Setu’s on the other hand :heart:


I had one - Didn’t like it either.

Steelcase Gesture is the way forward!

(Excited about Christmas) #40

As I’ve suggested before, you should decorate a room with the names of all the people who never upgraded from prepaid. Call it The Land That Time Forgot.