Help Sign up bank account Monzo

Hi i try to sign up bank account with Monzo but I can’t please help me
Thank you

How far do you get, and what are the messages you see in the app?

And are over 16 and a UK resident?

You’ve got to explain the issue you’re having in far more detail than that if you’d like us to help.

Explain the steps you’ve taken so far and providing a screenshot of the problem will help too :slight_smile:

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Hi Taksaon & welcome :wave:

Are you in the UK or overseas? If overseas, do you have a UK address to which the physical card can be sent to? If you are in the UK or you do have a UK address available, try running through the steps here;

When I downloaded app and put email do step they tell me to do that tell me put full name and date of birth i already put my name but I not understand out date of birth DD/MM/Y GGGGG (sorry what is mean ) can you help me please… thank you

Not sure if it is something to do with your phone’s language settings, but you would be better off entering DD/MM/YYYY, not DD/MM/Y/YYY

That extra / is probably causing the date to be judged as invalid

Edit: Remove actual date

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Please change the language of your phone to English, then re-launch the Monzo app and sign-up/login. Once you have access to Monzo, you can change the language back to the original setting.

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On my phone I alway setting English