Problem with App - signing up

Not a great start. Trying to create my account on the App and the date of birth format is not working so I cannot continue. Also, an online bank that doesn’t have a contact us button anywhere leaves me cold.

You’re being a little vague here, in what way isn’t it working?

Contact details if you need them are easily found but here you go: 0800 802 1281 & :slight_smile:

Are you trying to enter your DOB in a US format by any chance? :thinking:

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Well it asks for it in this format YYYY/MM/DD, but it won’t let you type it in, in that format, I have tried 4 different ways and it still won’t let me proceed

Are you from the UK and you have your phone setup in the UK format?

This is how it displays for me and everyone else.

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Ok it must be phone formatting issue

No problem.

Also when you said this:

If you look at the screenshot I posted there is a ‘?’ help button in the top right. Clicking this opens up chat support so you can talk to someone and get some help :slight_smile:


Thanks, but that button wasn’t there for me.

Obviously better if the app help button works but if you google for details, the number comes up for anything urgent, and that very first link has their email address and other contact methods :+1:

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Speaking to monzo on Twitter about this issue for me too. Contact button is not available to me either. Signing up in Italy. Tried all the different formats as well, nothing. Closed app, re-opened etc, still not working.

Hi my Monzo account log me out and got big error verification failed!z it happen straight away after I send money to my account. Like advised on other chats I try reinstall app but every time when I am try to log in again it failed to verifie my phone number

Now it’s stuck on a loop whereby the app asks for my email to log in, then tells me to click on the link in the email. Once that’s done, it opens up the app on the same page asking for email. Done this 3 times now. Closing and restarting app doesn’t help.