Have you gone #FullMonzo?

(Jack) #266

I imagine they have got confused with the signup incentive that was mentioned earlier as a small trial.


Usually Monzo twitter responds to these sort of tweets but they are totally :zipper_mouth_face:

Com’n @tom give your uncle a ten-a so he can go full Monzo :rofl:

(Glenn Lewis) #268

In the replies somebody says they signed up “literally like a month ago”

How does someone do something literally like? :roll_eyes:

(Is Santa here yet?) #269

Are they scalding people for their spending? Seems a bit extreme and illegal.
Scolding perhaps


That’ll be the scalding hot coral card :mondo: :hot_coral_heart: :fire:


I’d agree with this - £5 each wasn’t it?

(Jack) #272

Yep :slight_smile:

(James Murray-Ferris) #273

Facebook just reminded me that I’ve been #FullMonzo for a year today! How it’s changed in a year

(Excited about Christmas) #274

I am already #fullmonzo. My wife has just been offered £25 to do the same. We were also considering getting a joint account. Is there a way of getting the £25 if we both pay our salaries into the joint without her making two moves? Also, if you open a joint account, I hear there’s a Add My Bills button. Does that also notify employers like CASS?

(Matt C) #275

My partner (who I got to sign up last week) has signed up and got the referral incentive almost immediately. No fair!


Are you part of the “sign up incentive” trial?

(Matt C) #277

No, sorry! I typed that too quickly. I meant that they have been made part of the trial and so can now invite a friend and get the £5. Just annoying that I wasn’t part of it when I sent my invite.


Could you enlighten the rest of us? Are Monzo now offering a bribe and if so how much and for what?


It’s a small trial I believe.

They are exploring the reaction to offering £5 to the person who invites someone, and £5 to the new account holder, providing they make a card transaction.

There is a whole thread somewhere, but I’m on my phone and can’t find it :joy:



Any more information? How was the offer made? What’s the definition of #fullmonzo here?

(Excited about Christmas) #282

It came up in her feed. To get the £25 you’d have to use CASS rather than just bring your salary - i.e. close your old account.

(🤦‍♂️ abofm.club 🤦‍♂️) #283

Not a fan of that myself. Seems distinctly non monzo.

(Is Santa here yet?) #284

Sounds like an incentive not to switch. Since they’ve started the switch bribes/incentive it might be bigger in the future

(Excited about Christmas) #285

It says there’s a limited pot - first come, first served.