Have you gone #FullMonzo?

(Zofia) #286

IRegistered just to say this…

I’ve gone full Monzo today and it feels amazing!

I’m an immigrant and arrived to London two years ago. I needed a bank account so I had to go through a humiliating process of getting an account with a traditional bank. It took me almost 6 months to finally find any bank that would give me a bank account as I was new here, renting a room (with no bills in my name), with no mobile phone contract (because of no UK bank account). All this time I had to pay outrageous fees to my polish bank and get my salary paid to my boyfriends account and use cash (didn’t know anyone here and this forced us to skip few relationship phases as I met him soon after arrival). The process was so horrible that I was almost on the verge of going back to Poland and leaving my job and relationship here - it made me feel less of a person, like I wasn’t really welcome here.
Up to this day I couldn’t get contactless card from Lloyd’s and didn’t use Apple Pay on their card as they require you to call them to confirm it (I find it difficult as it triggers my anxiety). On the top of that their app is not intuitive and everything just feels really old and not suitable for 21st century.
Leaving them feels like lifting a massive weight of my chest, as it was a constant reminder how difficult it was to start my life here.

When my friend arrived here 6 months ago the first thing I did was sending her Monzo gold ticket to save her everything I had to go through.

So… I wanted to say thank you for everyone on Monzo team for making banking with you an easy, pleasant, inclusive experience :heart:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #287

Welcome to the forum, and you’re welcome in the UK :smiley:

(Zofia) #288

Thanks! I do feel at home here and have Marmite flowing in my veins :joy: it’s just the first few months were a vicious circle… couldn’t get any bills in my name as I didn’t have a bank account. Couldn’t get a bank account as I didn’t have any bills and so on…
Having a letter from an institution really isn’t the greatest way of confirming that someone is a real person. Especially for generation ‘rent’. Maybe it worked for baby boomers but there has to be a better solution now.

(Eve) #289

I am an international student studying in the UK… and have ranted about Lloyds’ ridiculous sign up experience so many times!! They are utterly inflexible and a horrific experience especially if you’re not a UK citizen. Glad to see you on Monzo!

(Keri) #290

Salary got paid in today. I’m officially #fullmonzo :grinning:
Set up some scheduled payments into pots i.e. petrol, groceries and holiday. And groceries pot pays me every Friday with my budget for the week. Monzo is going to make my life so much easier, and instead of having that just got paid must spend it feeling I am confident that if the money trickles through I’ll get through the month in the black!

(Graham - Mental health professional) #291

Welcome, indeed, but I can’t shift that notion… :anguished:


How are people on here keeping their old accounts open? I thought with the full switch Monzo close your old account? Also if you have pending payments that show on your old account on the day it’s due to close what happens with those?


Either they haven’t switched anything over to Monzo, have manually switched everything over, didn’t switch everything over and/or used the partial switch CASS before Monzo withdrew that option.


How do i go full monzo or find out if i already am…:blush:

(Jake) #295

I’ve been full Monzo since the current account became available, I still have my Metro bank account open for one direct debit and being able to transfer cash to my Monzo account.

(Jack) #296

You’re full monzo if you have your salary paid in/or pay most of your bills via Monzo ideally.

Technically there isn’t an official way to tell.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #297

Seems that there’s not a definitive description of “Full Monzo”. I had assumed it would be salary in and all regular payments SO/DD.

I guess some of it will be hearts and minds. Keeping an interest-paying current account open (with obligatory DD requirement) whilst all else is Monzo would be Full Monzo in my book.

(Iestyn Roberts) #298

Hi all.

I’m super close to be going #FullMonzo - and I was just in the middle of using the ‘Current Account Switch Service’ to get everything switched over. I still want to keep my legacy bank account, and I can’t seem to find an option to keep it open, granted I didn’t go through all the pages as I was just reading the terms and conditions etc - but is there a way to select which Direct Debits to plug through, and to keep the old legacy bank account open at all?


(Andy) #299

Hi! Monzo have removed the partial switch option due to issues it can cause. The only option now it to manually move what you want of use the full switch service

(Iestyn Roberts) #300

Ah ok! No problem - I’ll get onto moving thing over this weekend then. Thanks for the reply!


I’ve decided to have my salary paid into Monzo for a few months to see how it goes. I’ll transfer money back to my Nationwide account for the standing orders and DDs, and for my linked high interest savings account (5%). Pleased to say my employer had no issues with the Monzo sort code, although I won’t know for sure of course until 30 November! :joy:

(Simon) #302

I’ve just gone full Monzo; here’s my potted history:

I joined the beta early on and used it for a couple of months for day to day spending, but the lack of Apple Pay and joint account support meant it was too much hassle so I stopped.

With Apple Pay support in place I joined the joint account trial with my wife: we transfer into the account from our personal accounts at the start of the month and do all daily spend there so giving it a go was easy (bills all come out of my personal account). My wife was sold after a month so closed the old joint account.

I had been holding back moving my personal account over due to the savings account I have with my existing bank, but now that interest savings pots are available I’ve just initiated the switch. Will be interested to see how useful the committed spend categorising is with all my direct debits.

Just need joint account pots (and better pots rules like an end of month sweep) and my wish list will be complete!

Great job Monzo.


Hey Guys,

Really considering going #fullmonzo. How many others have done it, and how have your experiences been so far? - Really fed up with my high street bank. Sick of waiting days for transactions to show on statement,

I’ve also been so impressed with how amazing that Monzo have dealt with data breaches for affected customers by other companies.

I’ve been at Monzo before, but closed my account down a couple of times, due to personal and other problems getting in the way. However, this time I’m ready to make the full plunge, as thanks to the amazing customer service team sending me a lovely email, and helping me via twitter dm to resign up, I feel completely different about Monzo this time moreso than ever before. When I’ve left before, there’s always been something that draws me back. High Street Banks may seem the be all and end all, but after a long period with them, I realise what an excellent service there is here, and truly gamechanging. You don’t feel like you’re talking to a bank, you feel valued for your time, which you don’t get with any other bank out there.


Do it! I went full Monzo within about a week of signing up last December. And I was already very happy with First Direct. You won’t regret it.

It was even worth the wait for Apple Pay and international payments. Now, there’s nothing more that I’m waiting for. It’s a full bank account as far as I’m concerned.


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