Have you gone #FullMonzo?

(Excited about Christmas) #285

It says there’s a limited pot - first come, first served.

(Zofia) #286

IRegistered just to say this…

I’ve gone full Monzo today and it feels amazing!

I’m an immigrant and arrived to London two years ago. I needed a bank account so I had to go through a humiliating process of getting an account with a traditional bank. It took me almost 6 months to finally find any bank that would give me a bank account as I was new here, renting a room (with no bills in my name), with no mobile phone contract (because of no UK bank account). All this time I had to pay outrageous fees to my polish bank and get my salary paid to my boyfriends account and use cash (didn’t know anyone here and this forced us to skip few relationship phases as I met him soon after arrival). The process was so horrible that I was almost on the verge of going back to Poland and leaving my job and relationship here - it made me feel less of a person, like I wasn’t really welcome here.
Up to this day I couldn’t get contactless card from Lloyd’s and didn’t use Apple Pay on their card as they require you to call them to confirm it (I find it difficult as it triggers my anxiety). On the top of that their app is not intuitive and everything just feels really old and not suitable for 21st century.
Leaving them feels like lifting a massive weight of my chest, as it was a constant reminder how difficult it was to start my life here.

When my friend arrived here 6 months ago the first thing I did was sending her Monzo gold ticket to save her everything I had to go through.

So… I wanted to say thank you for everyone on Monzo team for making banking with you an easy, pleasant, inclusive experience :heart:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #287

Welcome to the forum, and you’re welcome in the UK :smiley:

(Zofia) #288

Thanks! I do feel at home here and have Marmite flowing in my veins :joy: it’s just the first few months were a vicious circle… couldn’t get any bills in my name as I didn’t have a bank account. Couldn’t get a bank account as I didn’t have any bills and so on…
Having a letter from an institution really isn’t the greatest way of confirming that someone is a real person. Especially for generation ‘rent’. Maybe it worked for baby boomers but there has to be a better solution now.

(Eve) #289

I am an international student studying in the UK… and have ranted about Lloyds’ ridiculous sign up experience so many times!! They are utterly inflexible and a horrific experience especially if you’re not a UK citizen. Glad to see you on Monzo!