Have you gone #FullMonzo?

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I’m 75% full Monzo. I still have a current account with nationwide as my main account for several reasons. Firstly, I have a full list of payee references, which if I switched to Monzo, would disappear. I really think Monzo need to address the payee section of the app to allow people to save references etc.
Secondly, I need a back up to pay cash into my account.
Other than that, I have several DDs and a monthly transfer into my Monzo account. It is essential that Monzo get the payee section sorted out.

(Richard Worth) #247

I’ve gone #fullmonzo … don’t let me down Monzo :slight_smile:


Joint account going #fullmonzo on 3rd Sept. Exciting!

(Ryan Kirk) #249

That is me now 100% Full Monzo since today :slight_smile: :tada::tada:

(Sameer Patel) #250

Only salary and mortgage to go. Currently get paid into HSBC and then I move it all less mortgage to Monzo on payday; I keep all savings (in Pots) and do all my spending, bill and DD through there.

Not sure why I haven’t gone that last step. I mean firstly there is no real additional benefit as opposed to making the manual transfer (which takes <30 seconds), but I guess additionally there’s something a bit comforting keeping a behemoth like HSBC as my “main” account. When I got my mortgage, I only showed my broker my HSBC statements and there were no questions, even though there were barely any transactions on it.


Am officially #fullmonzo with joint account from today.

CASS worked perfectly.

(Matt) #252

Happened to me. I was full Monzo from 24 August and my phone broke on holiday last week (Tuesday), and I can’t get an appointment with Apple until this Friday. No real access to my bank for a week and a half. At least with Santander I could still use full online access. Not sure if I regret switching now. It’s a shame there isn’t an iPad app as that would be useful in the meantime.

(Matt C) #253

I think this is one of the main reasons I haven’t switched yet. Hoping that there will be a solution to the problem soon.

(Dawid) #254

That is what I’m afraid of happening and decided I won’t move everything just yet as if something happens I might have to go back to a different back if I’m forced : (


Can’t you just install the Monzo app on your iPad or does it require the presence of your SIM card?

Installing iPhone apps on iPad: http://osxdaily.com/2017/10/18/download-iphone-apps-onto-ipad


I don’t think Monzo checks for a SIM card. It’s just based on magic link verification (so if you can get it on an iPad it should work).

(Matt C) #257

iPad isn’t necessarily a viable solution for those of us that don’t have one though :neutral_face:

(Andre Borie) #258

There is a read-only web UI now.


You could also get a dirt cheap android from Tesco* or something and use that in the short term?

*Other supermarkets / stores are available

(Matt C) #260

Ok - I have decided to bite the bullet and go #FullMonzo. Hopefully I won’t miss out on some massive switching bonus…

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No need to worry on that score. I doubt that Monzo are contemplating offering a switching bonus. But even if they do, you could switch away, then switch back (probably). :scream:


Well that’ll be me and you in Bristol, then :slight_smile:


Just tried. Seems to work fine.


Hi ang009…:blush:…i use monzo for all my money going in & out…its far the best bank ever so i dont even use my other bank at all now…hope this answers ur question…:blush:

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well Im not full monzo and Im being offered no incentive to switch so I assume this isn’t true ???

maybe @tom could confirm if this is a limited marketing test ???