Gov Car Tax won't accept Monzo?

Can that be a problem if I use a joint account card? I just tried (with both Mastercard and Mastercard debit selection) and got this response:

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Hi Gergely & welcome :wave:

I’ve had no problems setting up 2 Direct Debits for 2 vehicles using our Monzo Joint Account card.

Are you setting up a D/D or paying by card?

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Same but with Personal account, seems odd

Same here.

I renewed my Road Tax, albeit on a personal card (not joint), a few weeks ago and had no issues.

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Anyone else having a problem with this recently? It seems to be trying to load up 3D Secure, but then fails to a technical error screen.

I’ve done mine today without any problems. Their website was slow loading up the 3D secure, but it got there.

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3D secure can often fail due to local issues, at least I have anecdotally experienced this. I’d recommend clearing cache etc and trying again.

There is no such thing as road tax. It’s a vehicle or emissions tax.

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There had to be one. :neutral_face:

The charge colloquially known as Road Tax.


Good call, I tried Firefox instead of Chrome and it went straight through. Thanks.

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The pedants are revolting…

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Sadly it’s a colloquialism that makes the roads much more dangerous for vulnerable road users, as some who use the term road tax believe that they own the roads, and others who “don’t pay it” should get out of the way. Even Winston Churchill back in 1937 recognised this, hence abolishing the term back then.

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I refer you to my earlier point about all road user groups being understanding towards others.

A person should not be vilified for using the term road tax. Unfortunately, some road user groups are fairly militant and it’s difficult to conduct a rational conversation with them.

Some motorist are entrenched in the view that they own the road, yes. Some cyclists are entrenched in their views. Both are us unhelpful as each other. As I said earlier, I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

They shouldn’t be vilified, I agree. But they absolutely should be told that they’re using a factually incorrect label and should stop.


It’s a colloquialism. And we’ve gone off topic.

Good grief :expressionless:


I have no idea why some people get so upset when they hear the term “road tax”. As others have said, it’s a colloquialism and more people understand it than VED. Get a reality check, people, it’s certainly not offensive.

Or do you get upset when your partner writes you a note with a “sharpie” asking you to “hoover” the flat before you go “jet skiing” with your mates. And also reminds you to use “chapstick” so your lips don’t get chapped?

To stay on topic: I paid my road tax with Monzo on Monday and it went through without a hitch


It’s things like the Emma Way debacle where they clipped and injured a cyclist, then went on to tweet about cyclists not paying road tax.

It matters as some people are being injured or killed due to the colloquialism.

I’m not going to killed or injured by those, thus a non issue.

You would get killed or injured by a car regardless of how the driver (or you) referred to tax :rofl:

This is all getting a bit silly now. Call it whatever you want people, it makes no difference what so ever and everyone knows what you mean regardless of the which terminology you use.